Baylor Bears defeat the Buffalo Bulls 70 to 13

1st Downs 17 32
3rd down efficiency 6-20 8-13
4th down efficiency 0-2 1-2
Total Yards 361 782
Passing 280 452
Comp-Att 15-27 19-25
Yards per pass 10.4 18.1
Rushing 81 330
Rushing Attempts 47 54
Yards per rush 1.7 6.1
Penalties 5-35 10-125
Turnovers 2 0
Fumbles lost 1 0
Interceptions thrown 1 0

It was not the heat, or the noise, or the environment that did UB in this weekend in Waco it was the the pace of the Baylor offense and Buffalo's inability to compensate against a team who ran a play every ten to thirteen seconds. For a short span of the first Quarter the offense looked like they might be able to keep it respectable but every single time the Bulls failed to score Baylor's offense got the ball and extended the lead in seconds.

UB Started the day using trickery to move the ball and take a seven to nothing lead over the Bears. Baylor, true to their nature responded quickly to tie the score. From that point on it was a route and the Buffalo defense seemed powerless to stop their opponents from piling up 56 points and 500 yards during the first half.

Bryce Petty went 13 of 16 for 338 yards, most of that going to Tevin Reese (130 yards) and Antwan Goodley (124). On the ground Lache Seastrunk gouged Buffalo for 150 yards and three touchdowns while Shock Linwood added 76 more.

The lone bright spot for Buffalo was Alex Neutz who put up around 200 yards on just six receptions. The Buffalo Senior continues to march forward in the UB record books.

UB is now 0-2 after losing to top 25 teams Ohio State and Baylor. Their next opponent comes from the FCS ranks when Stony Brook heads to UB stadium next weekend.

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