In The Black: UB is .500 in October

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

37 seasons into the current era of UB football, the 2013 Bullls are one of 15 UB teams to be .500 or better in October. This is only the second time in UB's FBS history.


Craig Cirbus' Bulls built off the 1996 season with a 2-1 start only to fall for eight straight including losses against future conference foes Ohio and UMass.

Record 2-2. .500
Date: September 26th
Season finish: 2-9, .182


Craig Cirbus' first campaign started well with UB at .500 through 4 games, but could have been so much better without a 1-point loss to UConn.

Record 2-2. .500
Date: September 29th
Season finish: 3-8, .273


Jeff Quinn's Bulls played valiantly against Ohio State, lost embarrassingly against Baylor, won embarrassingly against Stony Brook in 5 OT and then came back full circle into an impressive win over UConn.

Record 2-2, .500
Date at .500: at least October 5th
Season finish: ???


UB's second year back in football started strong, .500 through 6 games.

Record 3-3. .500
Date: October 27th
Season finish: 3-6, .333


Before Cirbus' entered FBS level play, it was certain he would start a season well. In his second best season, the Bulls stayed .500 until the eve of Halloween.

Record 4-4. .500
Date: October 30th
Season finish: 4-7, .364


Dando builds to an amazing 1986 campaign.

Record 4-4. .500
Date: November 8th
Season finish: 4-6, .400


Dando continued to improve the UB Football program with each year of play.

Record 4-4. .500
Date: November 9th
Season finish: 4-5, .444

November 10th - 1984 team finished 6-4

November 12th - 1983 team finished 8-2

November 13th - 1982 team finished 5-5

November 14th - 1981 team finished 5-5

November 15th - 1980 team finished 6-5 while 1986 team finished 9-2

November 16th - 1996 team finished 8-3

January 3rd - 2008 team finished 8-6

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