Week 5 Bruwpeg - Anyone can still win this!

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Pick Board open early as we are all buoyed by the UCONN win! EMU has recently owned Buffalo. Check out the early point spread.

Would you look at this.  Buffalo is a 13.5 point home favorite against a MAC team with an over/under of 54.  Eastern Michigan, a western division MAC foe, comes to UB Stadium with a 1 - 3 record and is coming off a tough loss to Ball State, 51 - 20.  Before you read too far into that score, previously a tight loss to Rutgers 28 - 10, was beaten pretty good by Penn State 45-7, and started the season with 34 - 24 home victory against Howard.   Also EMU is coming off a bye week.  The bye week sure helped the New York Bulls.

Weather outlook for the game WHICH STARTS AT NOON SO GET YOUR PICKS IN EARLY is a high of 62 with a few showers (30% chance of rain) but the wind will be stronger at 12 - 14 mph.

EMU has owned The Buffalo Bulls in the past, beating UB the previous five games.  In those five games, EMU has outscored UB, 150-102. The games have been close with 3 of 5 decided by four points or less.

In the last meeting between EMU and UB in Buffalo, Dwayne Priest carried the ball 35 times for 192 yards and three touchdowns as the Eagles downed the Bulls, 21-17, Nov. 20, 2010. Eastern rolled up 272 yards on the ground, despite coming into the contest averaging just 167.0 yards per game. Leading 21-17 with 1:14 to play, Buffalo had one last gasp remaining in the contest. UB moved the ball up to the EMU 39-yard line. Then with five seconds to play, quarterback Jerry Davis escaped the EMU pressure and heaved a pass towards the end zone that landed harmlessly at the end line to give Eastern the hard-fought victory.  And again, this will be the last time I mention anything to do with 2010.

Watch out for woeful kicking by EMU, in each game the kicker has missed either a field goal or extra point. EMU will head east the week after and compete against ARMY!

Conrad has had a very nice run as the King of the Bruwpeg Mountain!  Who is going to knock him down!

Let's check in with the previous champions.  BrandedBull is in the middle of the pack with six points.  Picking UCONN last week really hurt him.  How bad?  BB is only point ahead of ChubbyHubby!  Chitown is showing the effects of taking a year off. With five points ChiTown maybe ready for a big breakout performance that catapulted him to the top in 2012. And now we discuss the fall of a once great Champion, UB Drop Out.  Call it the Bruwpeg hangover, not focusing on the little things that made him a glorious champ, the supermodels that flock to past BruwPeg champs that took his focus away, or maybe it was the just the mental exhaustion of being the winner last year.  Whatever it is, what do you do when your heroes struggle? Has Drop Out lost a step?

Participant New York E Mich Points
121Merrimac 24 0 8
Admin 1
Albany Bull 34 26 8
Bull In Exile 24 21 6
Basketbull 38 13 4
BC Bull 35 10 7
Bflo Super Fan 27 24 5
BfloFan4255 4
Bleeding Blue 38 20 3
BrandedBull 27 13 6
Bull Trojan 40 13 10
BVFA12 31 17 5
Calvin 34 20 8
ChiTown 35 20 5
ChubbyHubby 34 21 4
Clodney 7
dbburns 42 14 4
DCA 34 15 4
Everlast2504 36 14 7
Harris0179 7
Island Bull 32 13 6
Jeff Lebowski 36 13 9
kdahlberg93 31 17 6
MarkChicago 42 17 8
mbundt1 35 10 4
meigs1414 38 10 5
PittBull1 38 17 9
Roch Bull 31 28 6
Sabresfan97 24 14 5
UB D/O 32 14 3
UB92 29 16 6
UBBulls08 36 21 2
ubbulls98 4
UBFan99 31 20 5
ukbro00 42 14 4
Vman 38 10 7
wearub46 24 13 3
Zigo230 29 20 7
Avg. Pred. 33 16 32

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