Quinn's Compensation in MAC terms.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE
Rank Coach Name School Age Compensation Yrs. W L T Win %
82 Frank Solich Ohio 68 $525,000 9 61 45 0 0.575
25 P. J. Fleck Western Michigan 33 $500,000 1 0 3 0 0.000
85 Rod Carey Northern Illinois 42 $500,000 1 2 0 0 1.000
11 Charley Molnar Massachusetts 51 $425,000 2 1 14 0 0.067
14 Don Treadwell Miami, Ohio 53 $425,000 3 8 18 0 0.308
7 Terry Bowden Akron 58 $400,000 2 2 13 0 0.133
71 Matt Campbell Toledo 42 $400,000 2 11 6 0 0.647
86 Pete Lembo Ball State 43 $400,000 3 17 11 0 0.607
12 Ron English Eastern Michigan 44 $375,000 5 11 40 0 0.216
69 Dave Clawson Bowling Green 45 $375,000 5 24 29 0 0.453
15 Dan Enos Central Michigan 43 $350,000 4 14 26 0 0.350
34 Jeff Quinn Buffalo 50 $325,000 4 10 29 0 0.268

The Jeff Quinn extension was signed off on last week by UB president Satish K Tripathi, before that Quinn and White came to terms in August.

In his fourth year at UB Jeff Quinn has a record of 11-30 (7-30 FBS) and the new contract reflects that by keeping his salary near the bottom among MAC coaches but if he is successful his take home could easily rival any coach in the conference.

Had Buffalo not extended Quinn his current contract would have expired after next season if UB wanted to let go of Jeff Quinn after this year it would have costs the club $325,000. That amount has not changed as the extension's termination clause has a one time buyout by the University if Quinn is released.

That payout decreases from 325,000 dollars to 100,000 over the course of the three year extension. When Quinn was first hired by Buffalo's previous athletic director, Warde Manuel, his termination clause stated the former Bearcats's coach would be paid out the full contract value.

The Bulls are off this week as they prepare to host UConn on September 28th.

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