UB Fan Speaks Out - Lets Use our Receivers

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Seawolves vs Bulls coverage

I have been following Buffalo for the past 2 years now an I can honestly say we are not using all of our weapons. Seems to me we neglect our receivers. Hughes and Dunmore could be big play makers but they are hardly thrown the ball.

Although Neutz seems to be getting at least 14 balls thrown to him a game. We are not gonna have a winning season if we keep this up. Don't get me wrong Neutz is NFL material but I think we have potential NFL receivers right there on the same team. Plus everyone knows that Neutz is gonna get thrown the ball at least 10 times a game.

I watched this same thing happen last year an said nothing hoping that the coach would make proper adjustments for this year but I guess they are so set on feeding Neutz to the pros there willing to have a losing season again. Spread the ball out Neutz is great Hughes is quick an agile, Lee is a strong asset due to his blocking an calm head he keeps.

Dunmore is a legitimate standout receiver with speed an great hands. Our offense is set up for the number one receiver to be wide open every passing play. I noticed this last year when Dunmore played in Neutz spot during the Pitt game when he had 7 catches for some 70 something yards.

I was like "who the hell is John Dunmore and why have we not been playing him".

Sure could have used him in the Georgia Bull Dogs game. And we sure should have thrown him the ball more in the Ohio state game. And why did Hughes not play in in the Ohio state or the Baylor game? what's going on here?

Next can Somebody tell Joe Licata to please spread the damn ball out. People stated he was a good passer seems he struggles with accuracy. Plus he stares his receiver down majority of the time he never looks at his 2nd an third options. You can tell he wants to hit the tight end or Nuetz every time And when he does not hit those two his accuracy is questionable.

Hughes and Dunmore are juniors stop doing them dirt. Neutz got the ball thrown to him more as a freshmen then both of them as juniors at this point. The Stony Brook defense made it evident that people know our game plan as far a Neutz is concerned.

Now spread the ball out Licata and build some dang chemistry with your receivers and stop putting all the pressure on Neutz. I am tarting to think we were better of keeping Zordich as our starter.

We could possibly go to a bowl if the coaches would spread the ball out to our top four receivers. And use our multiple running backs as we have had to do this season thus far.

I wanna win but sorry even a great running game and Alex Neutz is not gonna get us there. We have to utilize Hughes Dunmore an Lee if we wanna be strong offensively an compete for a bowl game.

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