Friday Night Rant - Preseason Polling

The MAC released their Preseason Poll:

Buffalo got 1 vote to win the MAC East! Woooooo!

The rest of the poll shakes out as such:

MAC East

  1. Ohio
  2. Bowling Green
  3. Kent State
  4. Buffalo
  5. Miami
  6. Akron
  7. UMass

MAC West

  1. Northern Illinois
  2. Toledo
  3. Ball State
  4. Central Michigan
  5. Western Michigan
  6. Eastern Michigan

Pretty Standard for the MAC Media, with their lack of imagination.

Ohio winning the East...where did I hear that before, oh yes last year. Kent was picked 4th...and won the thing...something that I told you last year happens 50% OF THE TIME, now it happens 57% of the time. This shows how ridiculous the MAC East is and also how much the MAC media members don't get our crazy little division.

Guess who is lucky #4 in the MAC East this year...BUFFALO! Another reason to be excited for 2013, it's good to be #4.

Last year I said 3 of 6 winners were picked #2...mostly because insert last years champ as #1. It happened again, with #2 preseason NIU winning. Of course the media placed NIU back at the top. So look for Toledo to do some damage this year.

So 4 of the last 7 #2 teams in the MAC West went to Detroit, and 4 of the last 7 #4 teams in the MAC East preseason poll went to Detroit.

So for the second straight year I predict FLUELLEN BOWL. Buffalo Bulls of New York, Toledo Rockets of Michio (disputed Michigan/Ohio border area) book your tickets now. Seriously do it now, Detroit got bills that can't wait.

Finally, I voted in the top 68 players of the MAC Poll over at Hustle Belt so go read it everyday over at Hustle Belt. I wanted to see how us internet journalists score the 2013 season based on dynamic players. To do this, I used the 68 ranking to date...and an adapted positional value pyramid from Walter Football to create the Hustle Belt Dynamic Player Team Rankings (HBDPTR). With 18 players still to be released, it's anyone's game, but for now the standings look like:

MAC East

  1. Buffalo - 646 points
  2. BGSU - 575 points
  3. Kent - 292 points
  4. Ohio - 177 points
  5. Miami - 118 points
  6. UMass - 37 points
  7. Akron - 15 points

MAC West

  1. Ball St - 727 points
  2. WMU - 699 points
  3. Toledo - 518 points
  4. CMU - 429 points
  5. EMU - 233 points
  6. NIU - 125 points

So far the HBDPTR has Ball State facing off against Buffalo 5 years after Buffalo ruined Ball States dreams, and kind of their own dreams in the process (damn you stepping stone jobs). Ball State better hope for a late push by NIU, Muncie don't want this noise (Richard Sherman voice).

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