And it is almost that time of year again.....

Weekly Bull Run Trophy

The Fourth Annual UB Weekly Bull Rull Pick 'Em contest is just around the corner.

Hello UB Football Fans.

UB Bull Run host a weekly pick 'em game. All you have to do before kick off is add your prediction of score. We do all the rest! Prizes are many!

Last year UB Drop_Out was the champion Recap of 2012! Drop Out joined past winners BrandedBull and Bulls Fan In ChiTown (who I hope enters the race this year!)

For those who need to know exactly how points are gained, good luck following the logic below:

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of the 2013 UB Bulls vs. Pick ‘Em Game. All are welcome to enter. Here are the official rules how the points are tabulated:

Score Prediction Points:

Predict both team’s correctly - 5 points + all other point totals.

Predict only one of the teams’ score correctly - 3 points.

Predict the team’s points +/- 3 - 1 point.

Total Points:

Add total picks, if same total as final, 3 points.*

Add your picks together and +/- 6 points, 1 point.

Picking the Winner

Pick the correct winner, 1 point.


This is how your pick should look:

Buffalo 24 Ohio State 17 (plus mandatory comment!)

Final Score: Buffalo 24 - Ohio 21.

Your point total:

0 Score not predicted right on.

3 Predicting the Buffalo Score Correctly.

0 Pitt score (not within 3)

0 Picking the point total right on. (45 vs. 41)

1 Picked total points within 6 points (45 – 41 = 4)

1 One Point for picking the correct winner.

5 Total Points for the week.

The average point total for the season was 16. The high points total was 39, up two from last year.

The highest score you can achieve in one week is 15. We had 35 total participants throughout the season. We had two correct scores predicted last year (Drop Out and Bleeding Blue)

All picks must be on the board before kick-off. As soon as the ball is in the air, no more entries will be added. I will try to be as diligent as possible to update throughout the week with picks and provide the wining results as soon as I can.

· Your score does not have to be the same as final to achieve 3 points.

For example UB 24 – Ohio 21 = 45. 3 points given for UB 35 + Pitt 10 = 45

Please send me your thoughts. David

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