UB Baseball 1980's Mix Tape

It's a quick drive to Avon but a little music may make it go even faster!

Remember the 1980's? It was an awesome decade which happened right before the current crop of UB Baseball players were all born. Yes, we are getting that old. Being a child of the 80's meant knowing how to make those mix tapes from the radio because, well, they were free. Kinda like Youtube.

So, without further ado:

Jon Mestas - Run-D.M.C. / "Walk This Way"

Is there any doubt what song to queue up for Jonny "That's Four" Mestas? His 27 walks puts him just outside of UB's all time top ten.

Jason Kanzler - Ratt / "Round and Round"

All Kanzler did this year was go round and round the bases. Getting into UB's top ten records for At Bats, Total Bases, Hits, Triples, Home Runs, RBI's, and Stoledn Bases

Tyler Mautner - Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock / "It Takes Two"

When it took two to get a job done Right all eyes were on Mautner. Tyler set the School record for doubles this season.

Alex Baldock - Simple Minds/ "Don't you Forget About Me"

With all the focus on Kanzler, Mautner, and the pitchers it would be easy to forget about Baldock's 15 doubles and 4 triples. Both are just on the outside of UB's top 10.

River McWilliams - INXS / "Need You Tonight"

What 80's mix tape would be complete without INXS? And what UB Baseball game is complete without an appearance from McWilliams? River more than doubled the existing school record for saves while breaking the school record for appearances.

Ben Hartz - Berlin / "Take My Breath Away"

Don't let the fact Hartz did not get any starts this year fool you. Ben is on of this team's "Top Guns". The middle reliever quite often walked onto the field than took the breath right out of UB's opponents.

Mike Burke - Dead or Alive / "You Spin Me Round"

Burke had a lot of batters spinning like a top at the plate. That's how the Buffalo pitcher put his name in the UB record books for starts, wins, shutouts, and strikeouts.

Anthony Magovney - A-Ha / "Take On Me"

For the teams expecting easy nights when Burke could not pitch. A-ha! we have another pitcher who got into the UB books for starts and wins!

Mike McGee - Rolling Stones / "Start Me Up"

McGee's 14 starts ties him for first all time. Every weekend McGee seeed to start up the program


Ron Torgalski - Journey / Don't Stop Believing

Two years ago college baseball blogs had coach Torgalski on the "hot seat" but he never stopped believing in what he was building. Now it's time to make sure UB's players don't stop believing heading on their trip to Avon.

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