NCAA Football 2013 Summer Depth Charts Buffalo Bulls

Come on Redden, you need to put 10 more pounds on!

The long spring is over and now we head into the summer.

1 2 3
WR Alex Neutz Devon Hughes
Cordero Dixon
LT Andre Davis John Kling
LG Jasen Carlson Todd Therrien
Jesse Back
C Trevor Sales Andrew Borruso
RG Dillon Guy Dan Collura
RT Jake Silas Bobby Blodgett
TE Jimmy Gordon Mason Schreck
Matt Weiser
Alex Dennison
QB Joe Licata Alex Zordich
RB Branden Oliver Devin Campbell Anthone Taylor
Brandon Murie
James Potts
FB Boomer Brock Jordan Johnson
WR Fred Lee John Dunmore
Malcom Robinson
WR Marcus McGill
Natey Adjei
Rudy Johnson
DE Beau Bachtelle Malcom Robinson
Kendall Roberson
NG Kristjan Sokoli Dalton Barksdale
DE Colby Way Max Perisse
OLB Khalil Mack Ryan Paxson
ILB Lee Skinner Travis Pitzonka
Nick Gilbo
ILB Jake Stockman
Blake Bean
OLB Adam Redden Okezie Alozie
CB Cortney Lester Marqus Baker
SS Okoye Houston Brandon Berry
FS Derek Brim Witney Sherry
Will Rembert
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons
Dwellie Striggles
Specual Teams
P Tyler Grassman
PK Patrick Clarke
HLD Tony Daniel Joe Licata
KOR Devin Campbell Okoye Houston
PR Devin Campbell Alex Neutz

Last week there was snow on the ground in front of my home. Hey, it's Minnesota I knew what I was signing up for so I'm ok with the weather. It does, however, make the idea of "Summer Camp" seem a bit weird when I still have the kids snow gear hanging on the coat rack.

The Buffalo Coaching staff does not get to have a spring hangover. They are already planning for Camp Quinn and here is the two deep they will be working off of.

What jumps off the page:

Lets start with the log jam at tight end. Seems that Blockers were more desired than receiving threats fo Jimmy Gordon edged out Dennison. After that, however, there was no second chair.

Given that Alex Dennison proved to be a very effective tight end last season I take the crowded field for #2 to be a good thing for the positions depth.

Something similar happened at half back, except there is Taylor, Murie, and Potts all sitting at third. Potts is still not recovered from last years freak injury, no word as to when he will be ready.

UB Senior Natey Adjei will get a chance to use that breakout speed, sharing the starting spot with Marcus McGill.

The only big surprise on defense is two very undersized linebackers... Understandable since they were DB's last season.

Using DB's like this might be a step towards implementing the "Drop Linebacker" idea which got Tepper into some trouble at LSU.

Maybe he has finally found a player who truly is as effective at covering the pass as stopping the run. You know what momma always said "Jack of all trades means master of none".

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