MAC Tournament Round 1 - DoubleHeader Gamethread

MAC Tournament Round 1 - Double Header Game thread

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Time to see just how deep UB Basketball can go in this years MAC tournament. Both the Men and the Women managed to get out of the play in round by winning at home and each team will take the court today in Cleveland.

Men Take on Ball State (6:30 PM)

The evening match-up the UB Men will take on the well rested Cardinals of Ball State. The Cards got a free pass in the campus round due to Toledo's exclusion from postseason play.

Lately these teams are heading in two distinctly different directions. While UB limped into the campus round losing four of their last five games Ball State surged into the tournament by winning seven of their last eight games. Their only loss since February 6th was a home loss to Eastern Michigan. Because of the Cardinals run it's safe to say UB's eraly season victory at Muncie is not a meaningful indicator as to how this game will play out.

But in that game Javon McCrea scored 24 points on 10-of-12 shooting, and Will Regan's played the hero by hitting 3-pointer with 12 seconds.

The Cardinals never trailed in the first half and the teams see sawed back and forth until McCrea put down a dunk with 2:41 to play. After Regan's late 3, Jauwan Scaife's 3-pointer with 2 seconds left pulled the Cardinals (7-10, 1-4) within 64-63 before Buffalo Tony Watson sealed the victory with two free throws.

The Cards are led by Second team All MAC guard Jauwan Scaife and Majok Majok a forward named to the ALL MAC third team. Ball State can also rely on Jesse Berry who was not honored on an all conference team but did put up more than 13 points a game this season.

In terms of pure numbers Ball State and Buffalo are so similar it's scary. The only real difference is that Buffalo blocks a bit better on defense and Ball State is good at sealing the ball away from their opponents. But those numbers should factor in the Card's slightly easier schedule in the West. The Cards SOS ranked 280th in the nation and they had just one game against Akron and Ohio where as the Bulls had two. The Cards beat exactly one team from the east, Miami.

But UB has had trouble playing teams with strong guard play and Scaife and Berry do give BSU something of a fairly strong set for Buffalo. UB's soft defensive play late in the game could be deadly against this team.

Buffalo will need Tony Watson II to snap out of his one game funk and give UB the deep threat which has keyed their improved offense improvement during the second half of the season. Still unknown for Buffalo is how the injuries sustained against CMU to MAC All Freshman Guard Jarryn Skeete and forward Auraum Nuiriankh might effect their play in this game.

Women Take on Miami (2:30 PM)

The UB Women are back in Cleveland for the first time since 2011. Buffalo is led by Freshman Mackenzie Loesing and sophomore Christa Baccas who each were given All Conference Honorable Mention last week. Buffalo who had won just two games out of conference started MAC play by going 5-2 before hitting the meat of the conference and settling to an 8-8 finish.

Miami and Buffalo each won a game in the other teams house with Buffalo striking first with a 78-70 win in Miami. Then a couple of Weeks ago the Redhawks came into Alumni and beat buffalo 69-56.

In Buffalo's loss UB opened both halves strong but were undone by by a shooting percentage of just 36 and 20 turnovers that Miami turned into 23 points. UB was also out rebounded, most painfully on the defensive glass which led to 18 second change points for the RedHawks.

UB has shot poorly all season but it was the turnovers and second chance points that were out of character for UB. If the Bulls are to get past the first round for the first time in a decade that will be the key. Rebound well and take care of the Ball.

Mens MAC Tournament Round 1: Buffalo Versus Ball State

Record: 13-19,8-9 (MAC)

Ball State
Record: 15-15, 8-8 (MAC)
Radio - WECK
TV - SportsTime Ohio


Ball State and Buffalo by the numbers!

Buffalo Ball State
8 Seed 5
218 RPI Rank 224
143 SOS Rank 280
142 Projected SOS Rank 283
-0.41 13-19 Overall 15-14 -0.52
-0.6 9-6 Home 8-8 -0.5
-0.29 4-10 Away 7-6 -0.54
0 0-3 Neutral 0-0 (NA)
-0.44 8-9
Conference 8-8 -0.5
(NA) 0-0 Top 25 0-1 0
-0.67 2-1 Blowout (+ 19) 2-3 -0.4
-0.33 4-8 Close (- 6) 9-1 -0.9
-0.5 1-1 Overtime 0-0 0
(143) 69 Pts Per Game 65.4 (244)
(227) 65.4 Poss Per Game 69.6 (92)
(158) 1.05 Pts Per Poss 1.05 (158)
(135) 51.7 Floor Pct 51.6 (142)
23.3 FG Made Per Game 21.9
51.7 FG Att Per Game 51.2
(83) 45.1 FG Pct 42.8 (201)
13.7 FT Made Per Game 15.7
19.7 FT Att Per Game 24.1
(162) 69.6 FT Pct 65.1 (292)
6.2 3FG Made Per Game 5.8
17.8 3FG Att Per Game 17.9
(129) 34.7 3pt FG Pct 32.6 (239)
(81) 51.1 Effective FG Pct 49.8 (126)
(123) 56.5 True Shooting Pct 58.5 (82)
(103) 38.1 Free Throw Rate 47.8 (2)
(181) 49.8 2pt FG Point Pct 44.4 (275)
(148) 26.9 3pt FG Point Pct 25 (197)
(132) 19.9 FT Point Pct 22.2 (43)
(119) 35.8 RPG 35.5 (128)
(118) 11.6 Off Rebs Per Game 12 (95)
(70) 36.4 Off Reb Pct 32.2 (167)
(126) 24.3 Def Rebs Per Game 23.5 (175)
(159) 68.3 Def Reb Pct 68.4 (155)
(42) 14.9 Assists Per Game 11.9 (238)
(18) 64 Assist Pct 53 (195)
(184) 0.94 A/T Ratio 0.79 (284)
(296) 5.3 Steals Per Game 6.5 (194)
(283) 8.1 Steal Pct 9.3 (224)
(44) 4.7 Blocks Per Game 2.3 (291)
(72) 8.4 Block Pct 4.1 (294)
(18) 15.8 TOPG 15.1 (47)
(38) 24.2 Turnover Pct 21.6 (98)
(102) 18.6 Fouls Per Game 17.3 (199)

But before the Men take the court UB's women will take on

Womens MAC Tournament Round 1: Buffalo Versus Miami

Record: 11-19,9-8 (MAC)

Record: 19-11, 11- (MAC)

Live Game Stream


Miami and Buffalo by the numbers!

1796 SCORING 1967 X
59.9 Points per game 65.6 X
-3.8 Scoring margin +5.5 X
636-1765 FIELD GOALS-ATT 726-1642 X
.360 Field goal pct .442 X
X 194-646 3 POINT FG-ATT 164-470
.300 3-point FG pct .349 X
X 6.5 3-pt FG made per game 5.5
330-470 FREE THROWS-ATT 351-495 X
.702 Free throw pct .709 X
1145 REBOUNDS 1150 X
38.2 Rebounds per game 38.3 X
-4.1 Rebounding margin +4.0 X
X 402 ASSISTS 399
X 13.4 Assists per game 13.3
18.6 Turnovers per game 18.4 X
X -1.2 Turnover margin -2.2
0.720 Assist/turnover ratio 0.722 X
X 287 STEALS 250
X 9.6 Steals per game 8.3
X 133 BLOCKS 123
X 4.4 Blocks per game 4.1
1 Home win streak 3 X
19222 ATTENDANCE 8988
15-1281 Home games-Avg/Game 15-599
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