Talking Bull - DJ Cooper can't take a compliment...

Well he does have nice eyes...

Want to know the difference between DJ Cooper and your girlfirend? If you tell your girlfriend she looks good in a bra she won't threaten you.

Things are getting hot in advance of the Ohio Akron game which will go a long way towards determining the MAC tournament seedings and perhaps the chance of two teams from the MAC dancing this year.

Akron, you see, is now ranked.

Akron Cracks USA Today Coaches Poll Top 25, Ranked No. 24 In The Nation - Hustle Belt
For the first time all season the Akron Zips have cracked the top of a national poll. The latest USA Today Coaches Poll was released today and afters weeks of flirting with the Zips, finally they come in at No. 24.

Ohio has just one loss in conference, to Akron...

Well during Ohio's loss to Bellmont in the Bracket Busters an Akron player tweeted that the Bobcats were playing terribly. And most Bobcat fans would agree. But still Ohio players took an exception to the tweet and the fireworks started.

When the fans got involved things got ugly.

@ real class act out of DJ Cooper after I told him he looked cute in a bra.
Cory ⚾’Connor

Zips Fan: "DJ Cooper Threatened Me on Twitter" -
Cooper, who is known for being a fiery and emotional player, certainly isn’t the most loved player by opponents’ fans. And at first glance, the message fits his profile quite well, whether it be the wording or the attitude. Regardless, the message is quite disturbing coming from a high profile player who’s supposed to be his team’s leader. For now, Cooper has chosen to deny the allegations, but we’ll see what he says in response to the video.

In the interest of salvaging what little journalistic integrity we can muster here at Bull Run I should point out three things. First these DM's can be faked with not too much effort. Second that it's been reported by some Ohio fans that Cooper was in the middle of a radio interview at the time of the DM. Third The tweets from the Akron fan have been taken down.

It's never too early!

Alabama Crimson Tide offer scholarship to eighth-grader Dylan Moses - ESPN
Alabama extended a handful of scholarship offers to recruits during Saturday's junior day, but none more surprising than the one given to Dylan Moses, an eighth-grader from Baton Rouge, La. The 2017 prospect, who was also offered a scholarship by LSU last summer, made the trip to Tuscaloosa with his father, Edward Moses Jr.

This reminds me..

Lane Kiffin Raking them up Young
by: UBBullRun

Can the Bills be turned into saints?

2013 Buffalo Bills Compared To 2009 New Orleans Saints - Buffalo Rumblings
Doug Marrone last coached in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, who won a Super Bowl in 2009. Is he now trying to mimic what the Saints had personnel-wise that season?

One should note the saints had a franchise quarterback

Amerks get a new coach

With Rolston In Buffalo, Amerks Name Chadd Cassidy Interim Head Coach - Die By The Blade
The Sabres AHL team needed a new head coach since they promoted their old one to the big club, so they tagged the man whose coaching ability was too much for just one "D".

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