Friday Night Rant: Best Time To Be Next Bull In: 91-98

Unsung Hero: Louis Campbell - wikipedia commons

When we last checked, after the 2011/12 UB Men's Basketball season, 2007 & 2008 were crowned as the best time to enter UB from a sports perspective. 2011 was the worst, with limited data, and 1999 was the absolute worst time to enter UB, with 32 wins in Men's Basketball and Football TOTAL over the course of 4 years.

Last year, I only looked at 30 years of UB history, but what if I looked back into the last century of UB history? When would be the best and worst times to be "The Next Bull In"

War Is Hell. D1-A Transition Is Also Hell: Seasons 91-98

#98 Entered 1999. Graduated 2003: These poor students on average rooted for teams that won 18% of their games. Welcome to D-1A enjoy your 0 win football seasons and your 5 win basketball least you can say you're a D-1 School.

#97 Entered 1998. Graduated 2002: Same as 1999 entrants, except they had the pain of going 4-7 in football and 5-24 in basketball the year before they moved up. The wins make it slightly better than worse, but psychologically it had to be sad knowing your not good Bulls would be facing even better competition for the rest of your college career.

#96 Entered 1997. Graduated 2001: 1997's 15-13 basketball team is all the fun they got...cherish that time as a Freshman, you never know when your team will fall off that cliff.

#95 Entered 1938. Graduated 1942: 1938 saw 2 wins in football and 2 wins in Basketball amid fears of war. 1939 brought a winless football season and a 1 win basketball team. Football picked up in '40 and '41 going 6-9.

#94 Entered 1941. Graduated 1945: In 1942, both football and basketall posted winning records, then war happened, ending the final 2 years of these student's careers without sports.

#93 Entered 2000. Graduated 2004: These student's saw the first light at the end of the D-1A move tunnel, a 17-12 basketball team.

#92 Entered 1942. Graduated 1946: Only one year of football, UB went 6-2, which was nice.

#91 Entered 1975. Graduated 1979: Post-Vietnam entrants were treated to no football for two years, then two years of bad football to go with their bad basketball.

Unsung Heroes:

Football: Lou Corriere '42, '46--47 - Personification of the WWII era: Played a year before leaving to fight in the war, returned after to lead the Bulls on the field.

Basketball: Louis Campbell '98-'02 - 7th all time in points, scoring 361 as a freshman in 1998, 5th all time in assists, 1st in steals. This guy was exciting but his Bulls disappointed, dropping from 63 wins and 42 conference wins in the preceding 4 years to 26 wins and 13 conference wins during Campbell's tenure.

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