Information about the Poinsettia Bowl

The Bowl is played in Beautiful Sand Diego on December 26th. The venue is Qualcom Stadium home of the San Diego Chargers. Since the Bowl games reboot in 2005 if has been sponsored by the San Diego County Credit Union and pays out 500,000 dollars a year to it's participants.

Having it's origins back in the 1950's as a bowl between different Military teams the rebooted Poinsettia bowl rotates one of it's tie in's between the FBS independent Army and Navy teams. The other tie in currently sits with the Mountain West Conference which is home to the Air Force Academy. In the event that one of the independents can't come through the Mid American Conference inherits that spot.

With this being Army's year the Black Nights 3-8 record means the MAC will step up and send a replacement. In a few seasons the Bowl will become part of the "Group of Five" rotation. and the MAC is a primary contract team in 2017 and 2019. So far the only MAC team ever to play in the game was Northern Illinois who were the recipient of a beating at the hands of Texas Christian back in 2006.

Back when the Bowl game was played between western and Eastern Military training centers Fort Ord, An Army post on Monterey Bay in California, won two of the four contests. The other champions were Bolling Air Force Base and Fort Still.

In modern times the Bowl is owned by former Mountain West teams. Texas Christian University holds a 3-0 mark, Utah it 2-0. BYU also a former member made the game as an FBS independent last season and defeated San Diego State.The only current Mountain West team with a win in the Bowl game is San Diego State who beat Navy in 2010. The Aztecs have a 1-1.

Selected Bowl Moments
2005 - Navy 51 - Colorado State 30
2006 - TCU 37 - Northern Illinois 7
2007 - Utah 35 - Navy 32
2008 - TCU 17 - Boise State 16
2009 - Utah 37 - California E2 37 - California 27
2010 - San Diego State 35 - Navy 14
2011 - TCU 31 - Louisiana Tech 24
2012 - BYU 23 - San Diego State 6
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