The Sugar Bowl for the National Championship

Wesley Hitt

The Nation: Canada. The Championship: The Traveling Canadian Champion of College Football.

Canada's New College Football Team: The Oklahoma Sooners

Against the odds and on the road against Oklahoma State, the Sooners had a little extra motivation on the field. That motivation, the Canadian Championship of College Football. On the final day of the regular season, Oklahoma wrestled the trophy away from Oklahoma State and will defend the title in a BCS game, the Sugar Bowl, against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama won the Canadian Championship back in 2010, only to lose it to Spurrier the following week. Back then, the process didn't convert to Celsius, it is Nick Saban's greatest failure and one he'll try politely to rectify in January, because trying politely is the Canadian Championship way.

Think...Calgary Stampeders

When I think of Oklahoma I think of Boomer and Sooner "stampeding" down the field recklessly towing the Sooner Schooner. I think of crimson and cream. Calgary sports the red and white, and are recognized by the iconic SMU running bronco helmets. Both teams are considered a primary rival by one team, (Oklahoma State, British Columbia) while having a separate more intense rivalry (Texas, Edmonton).


via Todd Korol

Buffalo may be able to bring the Canadian Championship back where it belongs, but it won't be easy, it will require some major upsets now that the Championship rests with the elites of college football.

Travelling Canadian Championship
Teams Won Lost Days defeated
Oklahoma 12/7/13

Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State 11/23/13 12/7/13 14 Baylor
Baylor 11/17/12 11/23/13 371 Kansas State
Kansas State 10/27/12 11/17/12 21 Texas Tech
Texas Tech 10/13/12 10/27/12 14 WVU
WVU 1/4/12 10/13/12 283 Clemson
Clemson 12/3/11 1/4/12 32 Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech 11/10/11 12/3/11 23 Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech 10/29/11 11/10/11 12 Clemson
Clemson 9/17/11 10/29/11 42 Auburn
Auburn 12/4/10 9/17/11 287 South Carolina
South Carolina 11/13/10 12/4/10 21 Florida
Florida 10/30/10 11/13/10 14 Georgia
Georgia 10/23/10 10/30/10 7 Kentucky
Kentucky 10/16/10 10/23/10 7 South Carolina
South Carolina 10/9/10 10/16/10 7 Alabama
Alabama 10/2/10 10/9/10 7 Florida
Florida 9/11/10 10/2/10 21 USF
USF 1/2/10 9/11/10 252 NIU
Uconn 1/3/09 1/2/10 364 Buffalo
Rutgers 1/5/08 1/3/09 364 Ball St
Cincinnati 1/6/07 1/5/08 364 WMU
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