Buffalo Bulls Record Watch for Toledo

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Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is not satisfied with Tackles for losses, sacks, and forced fumbles. This past week he crawled up into to more UB Record Categories

Let's start with the NCAA Records Mack is chasing.

# Player TFL Needs # NCAA FF Needs
1 Jason Babin, W. Michigan 75 7.5 1
5 Tied With -> 14 1
2 George Selvie, South Florida 69 1.5 6 Zack Follett, California 13
3 Khalil Mack, Buffalo 67.5 6 Stryker Sulak, Missouri 13
6 Khalil Mack, Buffalo. 13

Mack's forced fumble and assisted tackle for loss moved him closer to taking the number one spot. The next time Khalil forces a fumble it will tie the NCAA record, and if he manages another this season he will stand alone.

In terms of tackles for loss it was not a great showing. A half TFL is below the pace he needed to chase down Jason Babin. It's still doable but one more game like that and Mack may end up at #2 all time.

In the Buffalo Record Books Mack's name will start appearing in two new categories this week. Solo tackles and total tackles.

Player Sacks Way # Player ST Mack # Player TT Mack
1 Khalil Mack 25.5 10.5 1 Davonte Shannon 258 94 1 Davonte Shannon 461 175
2 Rich Dadabo 24 9 2 Craig Guest 236 72 2 Craig Guest 455 169
2 Vince Canos 24 9 3 J.J. Gibson 220 56 3 Mike Laipple 402 116
4 Trevor Scott 19 4 4 Mike Newton 196 32 4 Pete Conley 376 90
5 Steven Means 18.5 3.5 5 Pete Conley 191 27 5 J.J. Gibson 357 71
5 Dave May 18 3 6 Mark Graham 182 18 6 Mike Newton 342 56
7 Keith Hansen 16 1 7 Gemara Williams 176 12 7 Shane Currey 300 14
8 Hardy Mitchell 15.5 0.5 8 Khalil Mack 164 7 Cosmo Nestola 300 14
9 Colby Way 15 9 Bryan Cummings 158 9 Justin Winters 299 13
10 Khalil Mack 286

I'd be surprised, but not amazed, if Mack makes the top 5 in solo tackles. His total tackles number should get him alone in #7 by the time the season is over.

Joe Licata

Jobi-Wan is aiming to surpass Drew Willy's 2008 season and in the process climb into the top five most prolific touch down tossers in UB history. With two more he will leapfrog Buffalo legend Gordon Bukaty. Pretty much everyone on this may fall a spot before the sophomore Licata finishes his UB career. Even Drew Willy's 52 Career TD's looks vulnerable before Licata is done.

# Player TD's Needs # Player TD Needs
1 Drew Willy 52 29 1 Drew Willy (2008) 25 9
2 Marty Barrett 44 21 2 Marty Barrett (1983) 18 2
3 Cliff Scott 43 20 2 Cliff Scott (1992) 18 2
4 Joe Freedy 32 9 2 Zach Maynard (2009) 18 2
5 Chad Salisbury 31 8 5 Chad Salisbury (1997) 16
6 Frank Reilly 27 4 5 Jerry Davis (2010) 16
7 Gordon Bukaty 25 2 5 Licata (2013) 16
8 Joe Licata 23 8 Drew Willy (2007) 15

Alex Neutz

Neutz caught up to Naaman Roosevelt's career touchdown mark on Tuesday but the only other record climbing he might do during his UB career is in receptions.

# Player Receptions Neutz Career Touchdowns TD
1 Naaman Roosevelt 268 91 1 Naaman Roosevelt 28
2 Drew Haddad 240 63 1 Alex Neutz 28
3 Brett Hamlin 185 8 2 Chris D’Amico 19
4 Alex Neutz 177
5 Kali Watkins 145

Now consider that for two years of his career the Bulls had no reliable passing game. He should catch Brett Hamlin whose teams had an amazing passing game (though in fairness to Brett he was sharing catches with Naaman for most of his UB career).

Najja Johnson

Switching back over to defense Johnson caught up to Domonic Cook with a pass defended against Ohio

# Player PD Needs
1 Gemara Williams (2002-05) 39 3
2 Mark Graham (2000-03) 37 1
3 Domonic Cook (2007-10) 36
3 Najja Johnson (2010- ) 36

Three more and Johnson will catch Gemara Williams for the all time UB record. Buffalo has either four or five games left so that's a tall order.

Patrick Clarke

The good news for Clarke is that the UB Offense is giving him ample opportunity to rack up points, one at a time...

Clarke Player fg Needs Player xtp Needs Player pts Needs
1 A.J. Principe 44 12 1 A.J. Principe 133 64 1 A.J. Principe 265 100
2 Dallas Pelz 35 3 2 Scott Keller 71 2 2 Patrick Clarke 165
3 Patrick Clarke 32 3 Mark Mozrall 69
3 Patrick Clarke 69

The "Bad News" is that Clarke is not getting a lot of opportunities for field goals. It's doubtful the Junior will catch A.J. Principe in field goals this season and even less likely that he will catch him in total points either this year or next.

Branden Oliver

Bo's numbers are so prolific he is making spreadsheet management a pain in the butt. He is about 600 yards in front of James Starks all time record and needs just 263 to pass the 4,000 mark. He is also four 100 yard games in front of Anthony Swan for his career and just three behind his own single season record of 8 set back in 2011.

So what records is he still chasing?

# Player Carries BO Player TD BO # Yards YdsYr BO13
1 Swan 812 42 1 Starks 34 5 1 Oliver 11 1395 272
2 Oliver 770 2 Jones 29 2 Starks 08 1333 210
2 Swan 29 3 Underwood 86 1189 66
2 Oliver 29 4 Oliver 13 1123

Carries is a lock if Oliver stays healthy. Quinn is riding Bo for anywhere between 25-40 carries a game so by the time Buffalo and Bowling Green are playing in "The Brawl for it All" (trademark Conrad) Bo will probably be past Anthony Swan.

Touchdowns will be touch but he could catch Starks. He will like pass Swan and Buffalo's sensation from the 60's Lee Jones.

Bo is chasing himself and James Starks for single season yards. He might beat O.D. Underwood's 1986 mark by half time of the Toledo game.

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