Buffalo Basketball Record Book Watch

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Rank Player Years Points
1 Rasaun Young 1993-98 1,908
2 Jim Horne 1951-55 1,833
3 Mike Martinho 1994-98 1,708
4 Yassin Idbihi 2003-07 1,514
5 Javon McCrea -2010 1,467
6 Turner Battle 2001-05 1,414
7 Sam Pellom 1974-78 1,403
8 Louis Campbell 1998-02 1,385
9 Rob Middlebrooks 1988-92 1,337
10 Calvin Cage 2002-06 1,314
11 Curtis Blackmore 1970-73 1,287
12 Rick Coleman 1987-91 1,280
13 Rodney Pierce 2007-10 1,235
14 John Fitzpatrick 1979-83 1,221
15 Harold Kuhn 1949-52 1,065
16 Mitchell Watt 2008-12 1,061
17 Andy Robinson 2005-09 1,019
18 Jack Chalmers 1948-51 1,003
Rank Player Years BLks
1 Sam Pellom 74-78 375
2 Mitchell Watt 08-12 196
3 Javon McCrea 10-pres 185
4 Kelvin Robinson 93-95 148
5 Mark Bortz 01-05 127
Rank Player Years Reb
1 Sam Pellom 74-78 1297
2 Curtis Blackmore 70-73 1175
3 Yassin Idbihi 03-07 844
4 Calvin Betts 06-10 717
5 Javon McCrea 10-pres 702
6 Mark Bortz 01-05 606
Rank Player Years FG
1 Rasaun Young 93-98 648
2 Sam Pellom 74-78 603
3 Javon McCrea 10-pres. 596
4 Yassin Idbihi 03-07 542
5 Otis Horne 72-76 536

This might as well be called the Javon McCrea record watch because unlike our football tracking post there is just one guy pushing the books.

McCrea has had a phenomenal career and two of these records are within reach for the Buffalo Senior.

His freshman year, off the bench, he scored 400 and last season he put up over 600. I think getting the 441 he needs is possible if McCrea stays healthy.

He won't be setting the UB blocks record unless he's been bitten by a radio active spider in the off season. Sam Pellom's record is safe not just from McCrea but from anyone on the Buffalo Roster... Ever....

But Javon can Catch former teammate Mitchell Watt for #2 on the list.

Pellom will also hold onto his rebound record. Yassin Idbihi may not be able to stay at #3.

Field Goals is another record that McCrea should set. To pass Rasaun Young he needs only 52 and he should have that out of the way well before conference play starts.

So my early prediction is this.

McCrea should get the records for points and field goals. He will end up number two all time in blocks and number three all time in rebounds.

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