Bruwpeg - Toledo. I can't wait to see the picks and write ups.

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Hey we go loyal pickers. Another reason to ratchet up the anxiety, excitement, and to get you through the weekend. It's Bruwpeg baby.

Only three games left in the season.  And what a season it has become.   UB has a chance for something really special the next four games in the MAC.   UB has two difficult games left.  This Tuesday nights opponent is a good one in Toledo.

Toledo has two extremely difficult games in a row but both are at home.  This Tuesday Buffalo and the following Wednesday against Northern Illinois.   Does Toledo look ahead of Buffalo not being in the West or is Buffalo the all in game. Toledo is an interesting team playing Florida hard but then needing two overtimes to beat Navy.  Besides Florida, Toledo was beaten by Missouri (38 - 23) and a loss to Ball State (31 - 24).  Toledo did beat all the direction Michigan teams and did beat Bowling Green (28 - 25.)

Buffalo showed they are more than for real against Ohio.  Toledo is a better team than Ohio.  This will be a very interesting game. My prediction is UB will be a 3.5 road favorite.  And Vegas has Toledo as a 4 point home favorite.  I understand it but they are wrong.

So as the season is getting serious, so is Bruwpeg.   DBBurns with a stretch the likes Bruwpegers have never seen. The average picker has 15 points,  dbburns has 36.  Last year UB Drop/Out won the whole thing with 39 points.  Bull Trojan and PittBull would need a perfect pick to get within a couple of points of the lead.  Ukbro00 is 9 points back.  A couple weeks of nailing a teams score or total and uk can shave that amount down.

Participant New York Ohio Points
121Merrimac 28 27 15
Admin 2
Albany Bull 19 30 17
Basketbull 34 33 15
BC Bull 31 17 15
Bflo Super Fan 35 31 12
BfloFan4255 9
Bleeding Blue 24 17 10
BrandedBull 24 13 15
Bull In Exile 24 21 14
Bull Trojan 35 7 20
BVFA12 28 31 12
Calvin 31 27 18
ChiTown 34 17 12
ChubbyHubby 26 20 11
Clodney 34 24 10
dbburns 35 17 35
DCA 21 20 18
Everlast2504 17 9 18
Island Bull 27 24 16
Jeff Lebowski 20 17 19
Jeff Screen 30 6 5
kdahlberg93 24 20 17
MarkChicago 24 14 18
mbundt1 34 24 8
meigs1414 38 35 17
PittBull1 27 28 20
Roch Bull 31 28 14
Sabresfan97 24 17 14
UB D/O 31 3 13
UB92 33 31 15
UBBull98 28 17 7
UBBulls08 55 32 10
UBFan99 27 31 11
ukbro00 21 20 26
Vman 28 14 16
wearub46 38 14 11
Zigo230 23 27 14
Avg. Pred. 29 21 14
Picks for. 31 5 36
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