You Can't Field Drizzle, or How I Learned to Love Ohio AT Buffalo


Earlier in the year I picked UB to beat Ohio, and go 7-5 (6-2). The leaps of faith of last December seem modest today. Later in the year, I wrote about my distaste for the nameless wonders of Northeast West Virginia, The Ohio Bobcats. Today I talk about my favorite Bobcats, any Bobcats squat AT UB Stadium.

On a dreary Saturday I check the UB score from Lockwood. 14-7 Ohio. I saw UB lose to FCS Colgate and the previous week I was one of a handful in the stands for a competitive loss to Marshall. However for a team that failed to win for 18 consecutive games, 14-7 at the half was a death sentence...but this was the Nameless Wonders and they were at UB Stadium.

UB won, and a few spectators celebrated the win with a field drizzle (wasn't nearly big enough to be a storm) I believe they were arrested. They should have been given medals for loyalty.

The following year I was on the sidelines of my first road game in Athens, Ohio. A 34-0 shutout loss. Everything reeked of desperation. The overly aggressive and in your face Marching 101*. The Ohio chant. The fans who I would respect for their awfulness if it wasn't for their blind arrogance. The visitors locker room with 4 ft ceilings and barely functioning bathroom. I hated that place and I still do.

*I know, I do that out of disrespect.

Side note: We used to do t-shirt exchanges with the schools we faced. I have an awesome dry-fit Miami U shirt and some red shorts that I still wear. People ask me if I went to the U when I wear it to the gym must suck to be a Miami fan. Ohio gave me a 3XL t-shirt and some XS shorts. Real useful thanks for that cats.

I suffered through two more losses, one at home and another at Peden in my days at UB. Since 2007 UB is 3-3 against Ohio. Both teams 2-1 at home.

In 2007 Ohio at 2-3 came to 1-4 Buffalo, Buffalo left 31-10 victors.

In 2008 Buffalo at 3-4 came to 2-6 Ohio and won 32-19.

In 2009 6-3 Ohio ended 3-6 Buffalo's chance for bowl eligibility with a 27-24 win.

In 20XX 2-6 Buffalo lost 34-17 to 6-3 Ohio.

In 2011 Ohio at 4-1 was shocked by 1-4 Buffalo 38-37.

In 2012 1-3 Buffalo went to 5-0 Ohio but couldn't upset Ohio, losing 38-31.

For the first time, this football game that used to be a MAC East Pillowfight, is being played by MAC East heavyweights with Detroit implications. 6-2 Ohio facing 6-2 Buffalo. As it is a big game, Ohio fans think "being there" gives them the edge. But the game is in Buffalo, and I think "being there" gives UB the edge. Peden is my nightmare, but UB Stadium should be theirs.

There is just something special that happens when Ohio comes to the Stadium, I can't wait to see this years edition.


MAC Play Comparison:

Run Game

Ohio: 149 attempts for 631 yards (4.23 ypc) and 9 TDs.

Buffalo: 188 attempts for 939 yards (4.99 ypc)  and 10 TDs.

Advantage Buffalo.

Run Defense

Ohio: 162 attempts for 664 yards (4.10 ypc) and 2 TDs

Buffalo: 118 attempts for 373 yards (3.16 ypc) and 3 TDs.

Advantage Buffalo.

Pass Game

Ohio: 90 of 128 (70%), 1,252 yards 11 TDs, 4 INTs

Buffalo: 65 of 105 (62%), 808  yards 7 TDs 0 INTs.

Advantage: Ohio

Pass Defense

Ohio: 60 of 117 (51%) 642 yards 6 TDs 5 INTs

Buffalo: 66 of 121 (55%) 768 yards, 2 TDs 7 INTs

Advantage Buffalo


Team WR Rec Yards Yards/Rec TDs
Ohio Foster 32 459 14.3 5
Buffalo Lee 20 263 13.2 2
Buffalo Neutz 12 214 17.8 3
Ohio Waters 11 170 15.5 1
Ohio Cochran 9 284 31.6 2
Buffalo Campbell 8 66 8.3 0

Advantage Ohio

Red Zone

Ohio Offense: 24 Attempts, 83% Score, 67%TD

Buffalo Offense: 16 Attempts, 94% Score, 75% TD

Ohio Defense: 13 Attempts, 69% Score, 46% TD

Buffalo Defense: 9 Attempts, 44% Score, 44% TD

Advantage Buffalo

3rd Down

Ohio Offense: 51%

Ohio Defense: 42%

Buffalo Offense: 41%

Buffalo Defense: 28%

Advantage Push


Ohio 9 less than opponents, +77 in penalty yards.

Buffalo: 3 more than opponents, -98 in penalty yards.

Advantage Ohio

MISC Defense

Team Passes Defended QB Pressure TFL Fumbles blocked kicks
Buffalo 19 19 25 3 0
Ohio 14 22 30 1 1

Advantage Ohio


Ohio 5-5 Field Goals, 36.8 yards per punt.

Buffalo 5-8 Field Goals, 40.6 yards per punt.

Advantage Push

Time of Death (Average time when the team scores the winning points)

Ohio: 35:23

Buffalo: 17:49

Advantage Buffalo

MAC Play Stats Advantage Buffalo 5-4-2

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