Bruwpeg - Miami not in Florida

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

OK, I have risen from the gutter after a two day bender. Old Southern did not Comfort me like I thought.

Hey Bruwpegers, do not overlook this game.  This is a Bruwpeg trap game.  I know many of you are doubting yourself after the great run.  Negative picking thoughts have crept into your mind.  Nervous to get back onto the horse.  I know you are looking at the Bowling Green game to make your move on dbburns.   Well, it is almost time to call this race unless some magic happens against Miami.  We are close to seeing dbburns take the final week wearing the yellow jersey like our American Hero Lance Armstrong.  Will dbburns sip champagne the last week and he looks down and laughs at the rest of you? Or are you going to do something about it?

What is the best that can happen?  Let's take a look at the scenarios:

If PittBull picks a perfect score he could jump over dbburns with dbbunrs only picking up one point for Buffalo win.  Bull Trojan could possibly tie dbburns with a perfect score and Jeff Lebowski could be one point out of the lead.  Pulling within a couple points heading into the final week with a perfect pick could be the gang stuck at 18 - AlbanyBull, meigs1414, Calvin, DCA, Everlast, & markchicago.

Who has the best chance to pick off dbburns?  ukbro00 needs to hit the rail picking perfectly one of the teams score. Being with three of the other score would get him down to 3 or 4 point deficit heading in the finale.  Alas, time is running out.

The average point total is 14.7.  This year I am average and not sitting well with this once proud champion.  The duo looking through blue colored glasses of Bleeding Blue and Chubby Hubby had their best opportunity ever to make a strong showing.  Not so much.  Past champions Drop Out and Chi Town also having an off year.

What day is it?  It is Football Tuesday.   UB is a 24 point favorite.  How great is that.   Go Bulls.

Participant New York Miami Points
121Merrimac 45 10 15
Admin 2
Albany Bull 37 9 18
Basketbull 27 3 15
BC Bull 45 0 15
Bflo Super Fan 42 17 12
BfloFan4255 9
Bleeding Blue 42 3 10
BrandedBull 31 3 15
Bull In Exile 45 10 14
Bull Trojan 34 6 20
BVFA12 38 3 13
Calvin 18
ChiTown 12
ChubbyHubby 44 10 11
Clodney 44 0 10
dbburns 38 3 35
DCA 34 6 18
Everlast2504 18
Island Bull 48 10 16
Jeff Lebowski 34 0 19
Jeff Screen 35 3 5
kdahlberg93 38 17 17
MarkChicago 44 10 18
mbundt1 42 3 8
meigs1414 41 3 18
PittBull1 52 10 21
Ralph Cox 41 10 0
Roch Bull 30 3 14
Sabresfan97 42 6 14
UB D/O 13
UB92 49 13 15
UBBull98 38 10 7
UBBulls08 45 10 11
UBFan99 37 10 12
ukbro00 60 7 26
Vman 42 13 16
wearub46 42 6 12
Zigo230 37 13 15
Avg. Pred. 41 7 14
Picks for. 33 0 33

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