Open Thread - Lets take the GIF oracle for a test drive...

Bull Run may not the biggest kid on the blogging block but pound for pound our community is one of the most active group of commentators in SBNation land.

Last month we had almost 860 comments on articles, game threads, fan shots, and fan posts. Lets put that number in perspective.

Every Day Should Be Saturday is the gold standard for community comments. Despite not being devoted to any team they put up more than 52,000 comments last month. So how does our 860 stand up?

The only non AQ blogs outside of EDSBS with more comments than Bull Run last month were the Card Chronicle (Louisville blog with 8,500) and VU Hoops with (900). Now the geeks we keep locked in the basement at sbnation* have created the GIF Oracle. What is the GIF Oracle.. Quoth The Mothership:

The GIF Oracle works to bring sports gifs of exceptional quality into SB Nation comment threads.

The GIF Oracle can reply to your comment with a GIF from it's database. You can request a GIF from a specific category or just request a random GIF. To request a GIF from The GIF Oracle simply post a comment that says "@oracle gif me" or "@oracle gif me (category name)". Find out all of the available gif categories here.

The GIF Oracle is a living database. As new GIFs are discovered, either through SB Nation's This Week In GIFs series or elsewhere, the best ones will be added to the Oracle. When appropriate, new categories and pages will be created.

If you know of a particular GIF that you believe merits inclusion to the GIF Oracle, please email the GIF Oracle. Please note that doctored GIFs are ineligible for consideration. This is a place of unadulterated athletic spectacle.

Translation... If you put "@oracle gif me" or "@oracle gif me (category name)" in your posts the Oracle will select at random from a collection of the best animated gifs that we now about.

For some of our more tech challenged users, it's ok we know who you are and love you anyway, this means you can easily put an animated face on what you're feeling. The Categories are....

  • angry
  • astros
  • blowedup
  • catch
  • celebration
  • confusion
  • destruction
  • disbelief
  • dread
  • drinking
  • drive
  • falling
  • fandisaster
  • fangreatness
  • fanmisconduct
  • flopping
  • gloating
  • greatness
  • groin
  • gross
  • jackass
  • jerks
  • nottrying
  • overjoyed
  • punting
  • sad
  • sadchildren
  • supernatural
  • terrible
  • unsettling
  • victorino
  • weirdo

* I am not trying to disparrage geeks locked in a basement, where do you think my wife makes me tape "Last Bull In"

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