Buffalo - Eastern Michigan Wrapup

Buffalo is now in the second 3 game winning streak of the Jeff Quinn  era and just the third in the schools FBS history. Unlike the last UB winning streak this time it's merely not squeaking by awful teams to get those wins. The teams UB is beating are still awful but Buffalo is now blowing them out and this does not bode well for struggling coaches who are yet face the "Quinn Reaper".

Quinnreaper Quinn's 3-2 start this year is not only the best start of his coaching sting but it is the best start Buffalo has had during it's FBS history. Going back to last year UB's record is 6-3 record over it's past nine games, going back to last season, is matched only by what tuner Gill did in 2008.

As a Buffalo fan it feels good to see this team beat squads of lesser talent by a comfortable margin. While Quinn still has has not validated that his long building process has been worth `the time he has at least put some entertaining football up.

Joe Licata is looking down right Willy-esq. Touch passes, solid timing routes, and very good decision making is the key to keeping a defense from blanketing your best receiver.

In these part two games Neutz has been there for the big shot and Licata has been able to distribute the ball around enough to make teams think twice about locking in on the Bulls' top receiver. Fred Lee and Mason Schreck have been solid.

Branden Oliver is back to full speed but the team is still using other backs to spell the Buffalo Senior. Maybe the most prominent back is Devin Campbell who has emerged as a big play maker running, catching, and returning the ball.

On defense the team has finally developed an identity. The team is finally bringing as many players as it takes to break into the backfield and allowing the corners to play tight. It's a far more standard defensive scheme than then the Bulls have tried to run under Lou Tepper and it's allowed Adam Redden to compliment Khalil Mack very nicely on the opposite side.

I'm still holding my breath every game because there have been glimpses of this in the past seasons. The win over Ohio, the almost comeback win over NIU, and a hand full of FCS blowouts all had me thinking  at one time or another that Buffalo had "turned the corner".

Last years three game winning streak was one of those moments.

UB rolled of wins against Western Michigan, Miami, and the at UMass only to look anemic in the season final against Bowling Green. Buffalo has now hit it's stride early in the season, right at the beginning of MAC play. The Bulls have a chance to get to 5-2 before they square off against Kent State.

Such a start to the season would both be unprecedented for UB and show that maybe, just maybe, the Jeff Quinn building process has been worth the wait.

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