The Pregame Meal: Platter. Bowl Game. Hello?*

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

6 games remaining, we only need to win 2. We play UMass and Miami.

Pregame Song:

11 Factors to decide the game

6) Tweet of the week


Whether it is literal money, or early-2000's slang "money", UB has been money at home. Greed is good.


Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll float around in space for awhile... I didn't see Gravity, but I'm sure it ends well.

Advantage: Push. Both teams cautiously sarcastic.

7) Key Situation

1st and 3rd Quarters: UB could come out ahead of UMass early, forcing UMass to throw which they are not good at. OR UB could come out slow, trading punts with UMass and pressuring the Minutemen deep into the 3rd quarter until UMass can no longer hold back the UB 22. I'm 99% sure UB will win, it's just a question of will they win it the hard way, or the easy way?

Advantage: New York

8) US News & World Report Ranking

Buffalo: 109

Amherst: 91

Advantage: UMass

9) In a close game...

Buffalo has had an extra point blocked twice, not in the freak tipped at the line variety, of the someone ran through untouched variety. Our special teams has built up a lot of goodwill this year, but if another one is blocked, it becomes a fireable offense.

Blake Lucas "Rows The Boat" (Row The Boat: N: - When you maintain confidence in the process despite overwhelming evidence of failure.) The 1-for-6 kicker re-won the kicking job after a battle for the spot opened as Lucas missed his first 4 field goal tries of the season. In a close game, with UB Stadium's swirling winds, Lucas has NO chance.

Advantage: New York

10) Game Score, brought to you by: Advanced Remedial Statistics:

New York: 34

UMass: 28

UB: at Baylor, at Ohio State, vs. Stony Brook
UMass: at Wisc, at KSU, vs. Maine

Comparison games: Baylor/KSU, Wisc/OSU, Maine/Bryant & Stony/Bryant

Advantage: New York

11) Goin' Streaking:

The "PowderHorn" Trophy: Series Tied 5-5

Buffalo vs UMass: 1 consecutive win

UMass: 1 consecutive win

Consecutive wins: 4 games, most since 2008 when UB won 5 in a row.

Consecutive home wins: 5 games

Buffalo has won 7 of their last 10 games: The last time this occurred was in 2008-09 as UB defeated Army, Ohio, Miami, Akron, BGSU, Ball State and UTEP while falling to Kent State, UConn and Pitt.

This is UB's 1st ever 2-0 start to MAC play.

This is UB's best start to a season since 1996 where UB started 5-1 before falling to 5-3.

Advantage: New York

Overall winner:

New York: 7-2-2 the Powder Horn Stays in Amherst.

*UMass better bring it.

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