The Pregame Meal: A Very Powder Horn Breakfast

The Pregame Meal is back in the friendly confines, the track of the MAC (east) UB "home, Sweet Home Road" Stadium. UB is 3-0 at home looking to stay unbeaten against our least fearsome FCS opponent of the year, UMass.


Drink a Powder Horn Pilsner out of this Powder Horn Pilsner glass.

Tailgate Band Primer

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -

  • In Spanish this translates to: Grande Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • Height of popularity 2000, Average UB Student Age in 2000: 7

Top 5 songs that are not Voodoo Daddy:

5) The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra - "Right Down The Middle"

4) Cherry Poppin' Daddies - "Zoot Suit Riot"

3) Lou Bega - "Mambo No. 5"

2) Eric B. & Rakim - "Don't Sweat The Technique"

1) The Brian Setzer Orchestra - "Jump, Jive An' Wail"

Tailgate Band Song of the Weekend: Always Gonna Get Ya

UB is always going to get UMass, everytime.

The State University of Massachusetts at Amherst at The State University of New York of Buffalo at Amherst. 3:30 pm. UB Stadium. Special Guest Big Bad VooDoo Daddy.

11 Factors to decide the game

1) UB Offense vs UMass Defense

UMass has been solid in the secondary allowing 204 yards per game and snatching 7 interceptions. They have been damaged against the run, surrendering 247 yards per game, 6 yards per carry and 11 rushing touchdowns.

Last year UB's #4 RB and a fullback ran a combined 33 times for 163 yards (4.8 ypc). UB's offense should excel with a fully operational backfield. UB can duplicate their gameplan from WMU, staying true to the run game and making the opponent pay when they leave the wideouts isolated one-on-one.

Advantage: New York


2) House Protection Index:

New York : 33 Players from New York, -10 for no players from Massachusetts = 56 points

Massachusetts: 33 Players from Massachusetts, 6 players from New York = 72 points

Advantage: UMass

3) UB Defense vs UMass Offense

UMass is scoring 9 points a game. Their strength is the running game, averaging 3.56 yards per carry and 116 yards per game. The passing game looks like UB's might if they didn't have Neutz. Getting Blanchflower back helps immensely.

UB has allowed 36 points in regulation in their last 4 games. The UMass offense may be the worst of the group, UB's defense should dominate.

Advantage: New York

To be continued...

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