Mid-Season Showdown: 2008 vs 2013

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

6 games in, 2013 looks to be as magical a season as 2008, but is the 2013 team better?

The Raw data gives the edge to Drew Willy, James Starks and the 2008 supporting cast. Namaan and Neutz are too similar. However you cannot declare any of these players dominated their counterparts.

Possible interpretation: The Baylor game and the blowouts against UConn, EMU and WMU have curbed the numbers of the UB 2013 stars.

Possible interpretation 2: The 2008 players are superior for putting up high statistical numbers against superior teams, (a combined 24-12) vs. the 2013 players putting up numbers against inferior teams, (a combined 14-20)

The data also shows that the 2013 UB defense is playing better than 2008, but their aggressiveness has led to more penalties.

Finally while allowing more yards and gaining less, UB in 2013 has been more efficient, scoring more and allowing less points.

The Data:

I. Record thru six games: 2008: 2-4, 2013: 4-2 Advantage: 2013

II. Willy vs. Licata

Completions Attempts Comp % Yards Yards/comp Yards/att TDs INTs
Willy 122 199 61.3% 1,456 11.9 7.3 12 4
Licata 92 157 58.6% 1,116 12.1 7.1 11 4
Advantage Willy Willy Willy Willy Licata Willy Willy Push

III. Starks vs. Oliver

Attempts Yards TDs Yards/Att
Starks 109 520 4 4.771
Oliver 106 473 4 4.462
Advantage Starks Starks Push Starks

IV. Naaman vs. Neutz

Receptions Yards TDs Yds/Rec
Naaman 38 562 4 14.79
Neutz 34 527 6 15.5
Advantage Naaman Naaman Neutz Neutz

V. EJ, Hamlin, Rack & Kissy vs. Lee, Campbell, Weiser & Schreck

Receptions Yards TDs Yds/Rec
2008 Support 46 534 7 11.61
2013 Support 43 466 5 10.84
Advantage 2008 2008 2008 2008

VI. Other

Ints Thrown Fumbles Lost Sacks Allowed Penalties Penalty Yards Ints Fumbles Recovered Sacks
2008 5 1 6 30 289 4 2 14
2013 4 3 7 37 402 10 6 21
Advantage 2013 2008 2008 2008 2008 2013 2013 2013

VII. Offense Defense and Points

Offensive Yards Defense Yards Allowed Points For Points Against
2008 2225 2354 162 175
2013 2174 2432 175 159
Advantage 2008 2008 2013 2013

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