Talking Bull: Hit of the season!

Eaisly the best hit of the bowls, season... For your viewing pleasure.

Hit of 2013, already: Jadeveon Clowney obliterates Michigan -
If this is what happens when referees screw over South Carolina ... Michigan might want to hope that doesn't happen any more. Also, go read Andy Staples' piece on the hit at SI.

Well you can't say the Big East did not try

Big East was 'unwilling' to meet Boise State's terms, according to Mike Aresco - ESPN
NEW YORK -- The Big East tried to work a deal to keep Boise State on board, but was "unwilling" to give the Broncos the deal that kept them in the Mountain West. "We worked hard with Boise," Big East commissioner Mike Aresco told The Associated Press in a phone interview Tuesday. "We explored a lot of different ways to keep them. No question. Ultimately, we were unwilling to do the things they wanted. Our membership was unwilling to make the deal the Mountain West made with them."

Now the question is what happens with Houston and SMU?

They still have a reason to stay along with UCF, Memphis and the eastern contingent of CUSA that has landed in the East. If they leave the Big East then the struggling entity may have to give up on the multi-hemisphere approach.

CUSA's biggest threat might now be the MWC.

Well the weather was nice and the check will clear

Florida State defender still hitting Jordan Lynch: 'He's terrible' -
Whether Lynch did or didn't doesn't really matter as far as the game was concerned, as FSU players very evidently took the remarks to heart and set out to do something about them.

Around Buffalo No NHL and No Bills coach

One Way Or Another, The Lockout Will Be Over Soon - Die By The Blade
One of the more depressing things about being a hockey fan is that your sport is synonymous with words like "lockout" and "work stoppage" as opposed, whatever the opposite of that is.

Hey the NHL might not love you, Buffalo fans. But UB hockey does! Double headers coming up soon!

Chan Gailey Fired: Buffalo Bills Begin Off-Season Changes - Buffalo Rumblings
Gailey just completed his third and final season as Bills head coach yesterday with a 28-9 win over the New York Jets. He finishes his Bills career with a 16-32 overall record, including a 4-14 mark in AFC East games, a 2-18 record against playoff teams, and a 4-24 mark against teams with a .500 or better record.

Personally the Bills need to take everyone who's been with the organization in the past ten years and hand them a plane ticket out of town.

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