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Does it feel like the late 80's to anyone else?

While nothing resembling football happened near Buffalo the college football world go on just fine without us.

Notre Dame, are they for real this time?:

Completed back to back wins over ranked Big10 teams in Michigan. So right now I have the Irish knocking on the top 10's door.

Seems like every year people rank Notre Dame in the opening polls of the season. They then let one or two wins push the Irish into the teens only to see ND show their true face in the mid season.

I typically resist ranking the Irish in the opening poll even though this year they had a lot of the pieces to be there. Because of that I am letting them move up rather quickly.

It might be a bit too high but Notre Dame will have a couple of chances to prove themselves in the next three weeks.

Sooner or Later..

Oklahoma collapsed against Kansas State and take about the biggest fall in the poll. Seems like the past couple years has seen OU climb up into the top five or so just to lose a game which they were expected to win.

But they are not along. Clemson fell to Florida State and as a result drops eight spots. They stayed in the game, against the #4 team in the nation, until the 4th so I kept them as high as I could.

Just Along for the Ride:

Stanford jumps up into the top ten despite being idle. They have a fantastic resume and there was enough chaos in the top 10 to open up some room for them.


One rule I have is that once undefeated teams start to become rare they auto-magically get a spot in the top 25. So Welcome Baylor and Iowa who join OU and Kansas State. This rule also helps Rutgers slip right in.

Mid Major Watch

Ohio moves up slightly because of attrition in front of them. It should be noted that I have Ball State on deck I suspect that BSU might be the better team in the MAC but for now Ohio owns because of the undefeated rule.

LA Tech is moving up along with the cats and are on pace to crack the top 20 pretty soon if they keep up their winning ways.

UCF Is also inching their way up, they better Ohio state does the better UCF looks.

UTSA Im sorry but the Roadrunners are the exception to my rule. Until they beat one or two actually and true FBS teams (no I do not count new teams) I just can't bring myself to rank them. Maybe if they get to 7-0 Ill consider it, though their scedule is still pretty ugly until they take on Utah State towards the end of October

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