UB Hockey Night - Saturday

Buffalo (Home)
Puck Drops at 7:30

Conference NECHL

Record 1-0, 1-0 Home

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Northtowns Center, Amherst NY

Radio / Stream WRUB

Conference Atlantic (DIII)

Record 0-0, 0-0 Road

Washington and Jefferson bailed on this weekends series so Buffalo went out and secured games against two local teams. Last night they played D'Youville and put them down 13-1.

The game call by WRUB was great but dropped off line about half way through the second.

the Bulls bring in another local DIII school, Medaille.

Buffalo Last Name POS Year Shot Height Weight Medaille Last Name POS Year in School Shot Height
30 Bradley G SR Left 6'2" 200 36 Belica F Junior Right 5'9"
20 Covel F SR Right 5'11" 160 4 Cieslik F Junior Left 5'10"
23 Ganci F SR Right 5'10" 182 66 Fedak F Junior Left 5'10"
3 Ingster F SR Right 6'1" 215 15 Gibbons D Sophomore Left 5'10"
4 Lantz F SR Left 6'1" 190 9 Grzechowick F Junior Right 6'2"
19 Mack F SR Right 5'10" 185 3 Gullo D Sophomore Left 6'0"
24 Mahoney F SR Right 6'2" 185 77 Kieta F Sophomore Left 5'8"
2 Meany D SR Right 5'11" 205 39 Koester G Sophomore Left 6'2"
17 Benner F JR Left 5'11" 195 6 Lanich F Freshman Right 5'11"
29 Irwin G JR Right 6'1" 185 27 Levick F Sophomore Left 5'11"
33 Musialowski G JR Left 6'1" 185 5 McLaughlin D Freshman Right 6'0"
13 Andhor F SO Left 5'8" 180 10 Mineo D Junior Left 5'9"
27 Dungan D SO Right 6'2" 190 37 Schlegel F Freshman Left 6'2"
28 Hurley F SO Right 6'3" 190 1 Scinta G Sophomore Left 5'9"
6 Pliszka D SO Left 6'0" 190 20 Sherman F Junior Left 6'0"
22 Koutsomitis D FR Left 6'0" 170 43 Simons G Sophomore Left 6'3"
25 Lang III F FR Right 6'0" 240 19 Smith F Junior Left 5'10"
21 Marsack F FR Right 5'8" 165
12 Nestler F FR Right 6'3" 180
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