Talking Bull: Lions lose a little more roar

STATE COLLEGE, PA - OCTOBER 8: Evan Lewis #4 of the Penn State Nittany Lions carries the ball for a first down on a fake field goal attempt against the Iowa Hawkeyes during the game on October 8, 2011 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Well it's just flesh wound:

Penn State Nittany Lions' Matt Marcincin leaves program - ESPN
Backup kicker Matt Marcincin, a redshirt freshman walk-on, became the second Penn State Nittany Lions player to leave the team this week when he was removed from the Nittany Lions' official online roster Thursday.

For those keeping score Penn State has now lost 13 players. Nine have went to other schools and four are still Penn State Students.

Meet Conference DOA

Pre-Snap Read: A College Football Blog
Here we are today, two games into the 2012 season, and Conference USA and the Sun Belt are neck-and-neck along the bottom of the F.B.S. – these are the two worst conferences in the country. How bad is it for Conference USA? It’s worse than you think.

And think... This is before they fold three or four FCS teams into their ranks

I don't always raid confernece but when I do I make sure to hurt them

Notre Dame-ACC Partnership A Lesson In Picking The Right Fights -
ACC commissioner John Swofford doesn't just pick a fight with anybody -- he's not exactly trying to pilfer South Carolina or Vanderbilt from the SEC -- but when he does get into the ring, he does so knowing that he's going to win.

Oh Canada!

VANSTONE: Durant overdue for a late rally
It is all idle speculation. Nonetheless, it is out there. The sight of Willy marching the Roughriders 43 yards in three plays - thereby setting up a 40-yard, game-winning field goal by Sandro DeAngelis - has mobilized some members of the antiDurant faction.

Drew is having a great run as the backup for the rough riders.

Just throw him the D@MN BALL

UB's Neutz leads nation in TD grabs - YNN, Your News Now
But it doesn't stop there. His 5 TD catches through the first two games ranks him first in the country Division I-A. It's even more impressive when you considered the players right behind him play for powerhouse school's such as Southern California, Oklahoma State and Clemson.

Neutz has been awesome so far this season..

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