Friday Night Rant: Best Year to be the Next Bull In?


2010 remarked he couldn't take another 3 loss season, which sparked in my brain the old timers voice that says:

When I was at UB we got 1 win and we liked it...some years we wouldn't even get that! If the stars were aligned, we'd get 2...and we'd party and celebrate!

I suppressed that voice, and instead tabulated the best year to start at UB if you liked seeing football wins.

#30: 2011 - 3 wins*
#28 - 2002 & 2010 - 5 wins**

Haw Haw - You were in high school and saw MAC Championships and NFL draftees and decided yes I'll go to UB.Should have done your homework. We're back to losing, a lot. Maybe you'll see some more wins, maybe you won't that is the fun of UB, you never know.

2002 Freshmen - I bow to you if you are still a UB fan, you are truly loyal. Baring any Quinntastrophies in the next year or two, you will always be the crater left by Jim Hofher, the coach for all 4 of your sorry years at UB.

T#26 2003 & 1999 - 6 wins. - If you started in '99 UB lost your first 14 games as a student, and then lost the last 10 games of your UB career. If you started at UB in '03, like I did, you lost the first 8 games of your UB career, extending that losing streak to 18 games. My low point was "the suffering": a 29-0 loss at UConn to end 2004, 38-0 loss at UConn to start 2005, and a 31-0 loss to Cuse in game 2 of 2005. The Cherry on top, the 3 years after you graduated in 2007, UB won 18 games just to spite you.

T#24 2000 & 2001 - 7 wins - If you entered at the turn of the millennium or the real turn of the millennium, you saw a 3 win team, a 2 win team and 2 1 win teams in your UB career.

#23 1997 - 8 wins - Your first year Buffalo went 2-9, but then they started 1998 4-3. Then they lost 18 in a row.

#22 1998 - 9 wins - Similar to '97 freshmen, you got a glimmer of hope, and then it was destroyed, on the bright side you ended with 3 wins and the Hofher era.

T#19 1990, 2004 & 2009*** - 10 wins - 1990 Freshmen a little to young for the glory of the 80's, a little to old for the mid 90's wins. 2004 freshmen at least got to experience the 5 win 2007 season. 2009 Freshmen have 1 more year to amass more wins but it has to hurt to attend school with people who will always remember the 2008 season.

t#15 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992 - 11 wins - Mediocre and not D-1A sad times :(

#14 1989 - 13 wins - Sandwiched between awful eras, 1989 freshmen started and ended with 4 win seasons.

#13 1996 - 14 wins - Good news, 8 wins your first year at UB, bad new, 6 the other 3.

#12 1993 - 15 wins - Seniors leave in style, after 7 total wins, they go out 8-3 as seniors.

T#10 1994 & 2005 - 16 wins - The 2005 Freshmen leave in style, 13 wins in their final 2 years at UB and winning the MAC as seniors. The 1994 freshmen not so much, follow 8 win junior year with a 2 win senior year.

#9 1995 - 17 wins - The pre-MAC Cirbus babies, came in with Coach, won big in '96, but limped to the finish.

T#6 1985, 1986, 2008 - 18 wins - The '85 and '86 freshmen enjoyed a 9-2 season in 1986, while the 2008 freshmen enjoyed the 8 win MAC Champ year. The '08 freshmen just graduated this Summer.

T#4 2006 & 2007 20 wins - The best time to start UB in the MAC era. The '06ers are the Gill babies, starting with 2 wins, but earning 5, 8 and 5, they graduated, never seeing a Hofher or Quinn lead team. The poor '07 freshmen won as many games, but had to suffer through that dreadful Quinn season before they graduated.

#3 1984 - 22 wins - Freshmen in '84 saw a 6 win and a 9 win season under coach Dando.

#2 1982 - 23 wins - The '82 Freshmen never saw a losing season until their senior year, winning 5-8-6 and 4 games.

The best season to enroll at UB...

#1 1983 - 27 wins - If you were in the class of '87, your freshmen year was 29 years ago. Hopefully you didn't jump off the bandwagon, cause it got rough after you left. But during your tenure at UB, you enjoyed 8 wins your freshmen year, 9 wins your senior year and 10 wins in between. To put this in perspective, if you got your Bachelor's Masters and PHD at UB over the course of 8 years, and you started in 1992, you would have seen 27 wins. If you took 8 years and started in 2001, you would have seen 28 wins. You lucky '83ers won enough for 2 (college) lifetimes.

*2011 freshmen have 3 years remaining at UB, They would need two 8 win seasons and a 9 win season to surpass 27 wins in a career.
**2010 freshmen have 2 years remaining at UB, They would need to go 12-2 and 11-3 in '12 and '13 to surpass 27 wins.
***The best 2009 freshmen can hope for is 2nd place, a 14-0 2012 would give them 24 career victories.

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