Buffalo Bulls Strength of Schedule - What are you expecting.

For the second year in a row UB plays an FCS team, an SEC team and two Big East teams. Again this is a daunting out of conference schedule but even our MAC draw is not too favorable. The Bulls draw the top four MAC teams from 2011.

In the MAC West we travel to Dekalb to face the defending Mid American Conference Champs. We also host Toledo, a team that NIU barely beat to win their division. Then there is Western Michigan, the Broncos quietly put together a good year last season, even putting a scare into Purdue in the Little Ceasers Bowl.

As we all know when a conference is at 13 teams you don't get to play three teams from the other division while playing everyone in your own. This season UB and Akron will not play each other.

I'm not going to run the numbers but its pretty safe to say that the Bulls have one of the more difficult schedules in the MAC. There are several teams with comparative out of conference draws but in conference most teams will not face the conferences top four.

Here is the 10 thousand foot view and my SWAG as to how the season goes.

Wins Loss 2011 Sargins Conf Conf # Bowl? SWAG
Georgia 10 4 21 SEC 3 Loss: Outback L
Morgan State 5 6 212 MEAC 5 - W
Kent State 5 7 116 MAC 6 - W
Uconn 5 7 76 BE 6 - L
Ohio 10 4 68 MAC 2 Win: Idaho Potato L
NIU 11 3 47 MAC 1 Win: GoDaddy L
Pittsburgh 6 7 69 BE 5 Loss: BBVA Compass L
Toledo 9 4 40 MAC 3 Win: Military L
Miami 4 8 98 MAC 9 - W
WMU 7 6 78 MAC 4 Loss: Little Ceasers L
Umass 5 6 150 CAA 7 - W
BGSU 5 7 99 MAC 9 - L
Buffalo 3 9 135 MAC 10 - -
Total Record 82 69 90 - 5 5 Bowls 3-2 4-8
OOC 26 24 95 - 5 2 Bowls 0-2 1-3
Old MAC 51 39 78 - 5 3 Bowls 3-0 2-5
New MAC 56 45 87 - 5 3 Bowls 3-0 3-6
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