Talking Bull: Hustle Belt said it best

COLLEGE PARK, MD - SEPTEMBER 24: Running back Bernard Pierce #30 of the Temple Owls celebrates after the Owls defeated the Maryland Terrapins 38-7 at Byrd Stadium on September 24, 2011 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

So by now you all know

Report: Temple In Talks To Join The Big East In All Sports As Early As 2012 - Big East Coast Bias
Thamel notes that the addition of Temple would bring the Big East to a total of 13 football schools and 18 basketball schools for the future. The MAC has previously played football and hosted a championship game with 13 teams. Adding Temple now would allow the Big East to play with 12 schools once Pittsburgh and Syracuse leave even though Navy will not be joining the league as a football playing member until 2015.

This about sums it up:

So Temple looks to be on its way out, and while I am sorry to see the team and some fans go there are others who I will not miss one iota.

A good chunk of their fan base has been doing nothing but complaining, for years, about their lot in life. About weeknight games, and oddly about officiating. I say oddly because Big East officiating is as bad as anyone out there, just ask Toledo.

When the Big East officials blow a call will that same subset of Temple fans start decrying how they are "too good for the Big East"? At least wait until you win a conference, Division, or beat a conference mate with a winning record m'kay.

Temple, The Door Is Over There - Hustle Belt
If you ask me today, tomorrow, or any calendar day until a decision is announced, I couldn't tell you what I think will happen. Just that I know that when an entity is in your group and they keep one hand on their phone waiting for a call to move somewhere else (because that's what they've been telling their recruits), it makes everyone else uneasy. And I'd like this to be a happy sports conference.

Any MAC team makes the move, and any MAC team finds the money to make it happen. But like Matt over at the Belt says. It's not about the move it's about three or four years of complaints and giddy reactions to rumors about the Big East, Conference USA, and the new "Left Behind Conference" being put together.

For the Temple fans who have remained classy for their membership good on you, and I really wish you guys luck holding into the Big East. For the rest, well guess where you can go.

But Before you go there is the issue of the bill..

You're dealing with Jon Steinbrecher, not Rick Chryst. You're recent 2.5 Million 2 year buyout should remind you of that.

Temple likely headed to Big East in 2012 -
With Boise State out of the picture, the Big East then turned its attention to Temple. The Mid-American Conference's exit fee is $2.5 million with two years notice, but it's unknown what the amount would be for a school providing less than a year's notice, a source said. To leave the Atlantic 10 Conference, where the Owls’ Olympic sports compete, would cost Temple $2 million with less than a year's notice, a source said.

Cryst might have let you go early for a few hoops games. I'm hoping Steinbrecher looks at the president set by West Virginia and asks at least double your buyout if you decide to leave early.

Buffalo hoops, starting to look like late season Buffalo hoops.

Bulls listless in home loss - UB Men's Basketball - The Buffalo News
Mitchell Watt has a minimum of four games remaining in his career so winning a Mid-American Conference championship is foremost on his mind. That's why he was so agitated over the University at Buffalo's 88-77 loss on Wednesday to Ohio University.

Bulls let opportunity slip away - Bob DiCesare - The Buffalo News
It was a brutal call by Ferrari, one you almost never see anymore. And one of his officiating partners seemed to agree. A short while later Jim Schipper whistled Ohio's Reggie Keely for an innocuous rim hang that rang as an obvious attempt to make up for his partner's overzealousness. But by then the point was moot. UB came out of that exchange down 11. If it was a make-up call, the game situation gave the Bulls less than equal value.

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