Talking Bull: Footballs most abused conference gets WACed?

Wacmembers_medium Tony Soprano has nothing on the LBC...

The Left Behind Conference, which is what we here will use until college footballs island of misfit toys picks a real name, may be putting the last nails in the WAC's coffin.

RIP, Western Athletic Conference :( - From Our Editors -
Remember when we were supposed to feel bad for schools like Baylor and Kansas State, who looked like they might be stuck in a weakened Big 12? How about WAC schools like Idaho, New Mexico State, and San Jose State, which might find themselves essentially playing FCS schedules thanks to conference realignment?

The WAC is down to a hand full of members who have not just moved up to the FBS level. As it stands they had been given a pass on several regulatory membership requirements by the NCAA (such as the number of years so many teams have been together).

What happens to these schools? There is not enough meat out there to build a new conference, the LBC will see to that. Maybe they are all picked off by the Alliance, maybe the drop, or maybe they limp along with their current membership plus the FCS teams coming on board.

Remember Nick Sizemore?

Sizemore, a full back, left when coach Quinn wanted to move him to the offensive line. At the time Quinn had no need for a full back and was desperate at the line. Nick, who checked in at about 220 was being asked to gain 50 pounds in an off season or to play as a micro lineman.

He elected to leave the program. But was classy about it, as were UB Fans. That's not the case at Iowa fans or Rodney Coe

Angry-Iowa-Running Back-Hating God Even Hates Non-Running Backs - From Our Editors -
The Iowa Hawkeyes have a tortured backfield history. It's gotten so bad that Fake Kirk Ferentz recently eliminated the running back position altogether after losing two more backs. Now comes word that Rodney Coe, an enormous running back signee from the 2011 class, doesn't want to play for Iowa because he'd have to play defensive line. I mean, he does weigh 270 pounds, which would make him just about the biggest back in the country, so that probably shouldn't be a surprise.

Future Bull Stan Wier like to move around:

Wier's a traveling man - Scholastic Spotlight - The Buffalo News
Why? The same reason he gets up early in the morning to practice hundreds of jump shots, the same reason he's chronicled every time he's been on a court in his own daily basketball journal: To improve as a player. Wier moved on to different challenges for the same reasons teams schedule good opponents: to see how good they are and find out how good they can be.

So endith the streak:

Bulls Can’t Keep Magic Going, Fall to Kent State - Sports - The Spectrum - University at Buffalo
The Buffalo defense that has been the hallmark for this team for the last eight games fell apart in the second half, as the Golden Flashes were able to consistently get good shots off.

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