Talking Bull: The Legacy of the Dirty Rotten Buckeyes!

The Legacy of the Dirty Rotten Buckeyes!

Back in 2011 we were treated to what I like to call... The "Dirty Rotten Buckeyes" and the adventures of "Tat-Man". The school was so classless in the run up to, and aftermath of, the quid pro that it rocked the college world in 2011.At the time I thought OSU had mastered the "Art of War"

Right now those players who cheated are walking around with the memory of playing in the sugar bowl, a game that the university did deserve to play in. The Buckeye's are enjoying whatever they purchased with the BCS check, and you can be sure someone is planning the TV schedule for "the big 10 network", a schedule that OSU will use to sell the university to this years crop of recruits. -- OSU's Art of War

Well the Universe has restored my belief in encumbrance!

Their refusal to sit out a bowl game last year may be a part of the reason that the MAC is bowling this season.

BCS-bound Alabama and Northern Illinois have Ohio State to thank -
So what would the BCS picture look like had Ohio State been eligible and made up the ground to pass Alabama for No. 2? Here's one more wrinkle: It would certainly knock Northern Illinois out of the top 16 and a BCS bowl. The Huskies finished at No. 15 with a razor-thin margin (.0012) over Nebraska. They'd drop to No. 16 simply due to Ohio State being eligible. And even if Ohio State had beaten Nebraska as badly as Wisconsin did, it's just about a lock that the Huskers would've ended up ahead of the Huskies too. That would drop NIU from No. 15 to No. 17, and therefore out of the BCS race.

It's not clear that NIU would fall to #17 with a loss to OSU instead of Wisconsin but it it possible... Still the people who cheated the most suffered the least.

Te'o cleans up

2012 college football awards: Manti Te'o, Johnny Manziel the big winners -
Te'o was honored with a record six trophies on the night, the most of any player and the most ever collected in one night by a college football player. Te'o's record haul broke former Michigan Wolverines star Charles Woodson's record of five awards, set in 1997.

Im sure the voters will find a way to avoid giving the Heisman to a defensive player, thet always seem to manage.

Hazell and Purdue are class acts!

Turns out Hazell will be coaching Kent this post season despite being hired on by Purdue. It's a class move by all involved. Hazell will coach the kids he worked with in the second biggest game of their careers (loses out to the MACC), Kent gets to look for the next coach while they still have their current coach, and Purdue gets a guy who not only turned Kent around but had the character to see it through.

Cool that Darrell Hazell will coach the Bowl, but... - Hustle Belt
The weird part is that Purdue is letting him do this. They're going to up his annual income by a bunch over what Joel Nielsen was paying him. I would expect them to want 100 percent of his attention. Instead he's going to spend it with the Golden Flashes, not just for one day, but to run practices for this team and basically he won't be able to do much, if anything, with the Boilermakers until mid-January. It leaves a lot of people hanging in the balance.

Army Navy survives realignment, and it always will

Good read by the Spectrum

A national affair - Opinion - The Spectrum - The Universty of Buffalo
For the first time since 2005, the winner of Army-Navy will gain possession of the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy, given to the school with the best record against the other service academies. The CIC is the BCS bowl for the three service academies (Air Force is the third). It has been two seasons since Navy has held the trophy. It has been nearly two decades since Army has.

Regardless of Army’s 1-9 record against all other opponents, if it goes 2-0 against Air Force and Navy, the season will be considered a success. This game is more than a rivalry game; it is a glimpse into college football’s past. It is a flashback to a time when young men fought each other on the field of play for each other and for love of the game.

Maybe our next stats czar in the Making

Licata friend in me - Sports - The Spectrum - The Universty of Buffalo
Unlike most of Licata’s fan base, Cronin isn’t family. At the end of the home football game on Nov. 10, Cronin stood outside the entrance to the Buffalo Bulls’ locker room, pacing and waiting to congratulate his favorite player on a big win over Mid-American Conference rival Western Michigan.

We can always use a stats geek here at Bull Run Chris! /shameless plug

Whats in the water at central Michigan?

Apparently bleach!

Student Accused of Poisoning Roommate | ABC News - Yahoo! News
Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, who attends Central Michigan University, is accused of spraying bleach into her roommate's iced tea after an argument over dirty dishes last month, Michigan State Police said in a statement. The roommate, Emily Joseph, 20, filed a complaint against Bonkowski, 19.

Wow... Just wow!

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