Buffalo travels to Milwaukee in hopes they can put it all together.

Buffalo travels to Milwaukee

Buffalo has had a chance to experience every flavor of disappointment this year and the resulting 2-7 start is the nearly the worst for the program this side of 2000. When you factor in one of those two wins being over a division two squad it's pretty apparent that this has the makings of a "rebuilding year"

Their most recent loss may be the most painful of the year. Up against big four rival Saint Bonaventure UB coughed away a change to turn their season around. In 96 seconds UB went from being up three to being down three and the team never even got a shot off.

The last minute aside it was the most complete UB game of the season against a quality opponent. Turovers were still an issue but players like Jarod Oldham found a three point shot something UB desperately needs if they want to force their opponents to stop keying on Javon McCrea on the inside.

These next two games are going to turn UB's season into something palatable or plunge the Bulls into perhaps their worst season of the Witherspoon era.

The Panthers:

This is a payback game for a past bracket busters match up that brought Milwaukee to Alumni Arena in a game won by the Bulls.

This time around the Panthers are led by Jordan Aaron who is putting up 16 points a game and shoots at better than 41% from beyond the arch. Milwaukee is once again with the services of Paris Gulley who has missed most of this season with an injury. In his first game back Gulley lit up Northern Iowa for 24 points.

There is a bit of a falloff in shooting percentage after you get through Aaron, Gulley and a couple of other shooters. The result is that UB is actually a better shooting team inside and from distance. Buffalo is also a better shot from the line.

But UB still has to worry about turnovers, with 17.2 per game they are ranked 324 in the nation. It's the one obvious path Milwaukee can take to victory.

A UB Loss would put them at their worst record since 2001 when UB started with two wins and five losses and then keept piling up the losses until February when the squad was 2-18.

The Numerical:

Buffalo Category Milwaukee Buffalo Category Milwaukee
236 RPI Rank 293 (106) 35.9 3pt FG Pct 33.9 (158)
75 SOS Rank 148 (179) 48.8 Effective FG Pct 47 (228)
-0.22 2-7 Overall 2-5 -0.29 (196) 51.8 True Shooting Pct 50 (247)
-0.25 1-3 <-Away|Home-> 2-0 -1 (235) 32.5 Free Throw Rate 31.1 (260)
0 0-2 Neutral 0-2 0 (139) 54 2pt FG Point Pct 44.9 (316)
(NA) 0-0 Conference 0-0 (NA) (160) 27.7 3pt FG Point Pct 37 (16)
(NA) 0-0 Top 25 0-0 (NA) (245) 18.3 FT Point Pct 17.6 (263)
0 0-1 Blowout (+ 19) 1-0 -1 (158) 35.7 RPG 34.4 (203)
0 0-3 Close (- 6) 1-2 -0.33 (173) 11.2 Off Rebs Per Game 10.6 (213)
0 0-0 Overtime 0-1 0 (104) 34.8 Off Reb Pct 28.9 (265)
(287) 61.3 Pts Per Game 64.9 (230) (139) 24.4 Def Rebs Per Game 23.9 (164)
(251) 65.7 Poss Per Game 68.6 (170) (108) 70.5 Def Reb Pct 67.6 (194)
(267) 0.93 Pts Per Poss 0.95 (236) (51) 15.2 Assists Per Game 11.7 (238)
(238) 48.8 Floor Pct 46.5 (283) (10) 68.5 Assist Pct 51.9 (206)
22.2 FG Per Game 22.6 (194) 0.88 A/T Ratio 0.8 (245)
51.3 FG Att PG 56.6 (278) 5.7 Steals Per Game 4.9 (317)
(174) 43.3 FG Pct 39.9 (288) (271) 8.6 Steal Pct 7.1 (319)
11.2 FT Per Game 11.4 (103) 4.2 Blocks Per Game 2.3 (288)
16.7 FT Att Per Game 17.6 (96) 7.7 Block Pct 4.2 (289)
(207) 67.3 FT Pct 65 (261) (33) 17.2 TOPG 14.7 (137)
5.7 3FG Per Game 8 (19) 26.2 Turnover Pct 21.5 (136)
15.8 3FG Att PG 23.6 (63) 20.1 Fouls Per Game 21.9 (17)
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