Bull Run Blog Poll Ballot: Get on board the Notre Dame Train!

Kansas State has the top spot for now, but they are running out of schedule power.. - Jamie Squire

Bull Run Blog Poll Ballot: Get on board the Notre Dame Train!

I'm on board the Notre Train!

So Friday I was talking with another parent at my kids school. And the topic of this weeks game came up.

"How about that Notre Dame defense" he said.

"Year they are great, but I just don't think their offense will hold up their end of things this weekend. Maybe the D hold Oklahoma to 21 or so points but I just can't see their offense putting up more than 17."

And this is the *last* time I will doubt the Irish this season.

For years I have been proved right by the Irish. Year after year the get ranked way too high and com crashing down like my kids after a pixie stick (early trick or treating).

The Irish were stating to look like a failed throwback to the days when an independent with rather high academic standards could no longer be relevant. Through the last decade Boise state was more relevant than Notre Dame, try convincing someone that could happen back in the 80's.

This year they have made me look like a fool for doubting them. Coach Kelly, You are the man! I tip my cap to the coach who brought the Irish back from a Weiss and Willingham induced coma.

The Big MAC is back!

While this is another sad season for Buffalo fans at least we can take some solace in the fact that the Mid American Conference is probably the best mid major conference out there, perhaps better than the Big East at the top.

Ohio's loss hurts greatly but I'm not ready to eliminate the Bobcats completely from the rankings. They have been playing way too close to bad teams for awhile and the fact they could not escape the Redhawks should wake them up.

The other MAC teams I ranked were NIU who just buried Western Michigan and have won eight straight games.

After NIU is Kent, who at 7-1, have just knocked up #15 Rutgers. Combined with Ohio's loss Kent now has the lead in the East. Kent has three straight televised games coming up, which means three chances to impress other voters.

Right after Kent is Toledo, who should learn a lesson from Ohio. The Rockets seem to have a habit of playing to the level of their opposition. For the 3rd straight week their opponents had the ball late with a chance to take the lead. While you can excuse Cincinnati you cant let teams like Buffalo and EMU be one pass play away from beating you in the last two minutes.

Oh yea..

Ive got Kansas as number one, but I suspect this is the last week anyone can doubt an undefeated Alabama is number one. They have LSU, and A&M in back to back weeks.

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