Bull Run Versus the Blog Poll - Alabama is #2 for me but #1 Overall

Bull Run Versus the Blog Poll - Alamaba is #2 for me but #1 Overall

# Blog Poll Bull Run
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (55) Florida Gators
2 Florida Gators (16) Alabama Crimson Tide
3 Oregon Ducks (2) Kansas St. Wildcats
4 Kansas St. Wildcats (4) Oregon Ducks
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1) Ohio St. Buckeyes
6 LSU Tigers Notre Dame Fighting Irish
7 Oregon St. Beavers Oregon St. Beavers
8 Oklahoma Sooners LSU Tigers
9 Ohio St. Buckeyes (1) Oklahoma Sooners
10 USC Trojans USC Trojans
11 Florida St. Seminoles Florida St. Seminoles
12 Mississippi St. Bulldogs Texas Tech Red Raiders
13 Texas Tech Red Raiders South Carolina Gamecocks
14 Clemson Tigers Clemson Tigers
15 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia Bulldogs
16 Louisville Cardinals Boise St. Broncos
17 South Carolina Gamecocks Louisville Cardinals
18 Rutgers Scarlet Knights Rutgers Scarlet Knights
19 Stanford Cardinal Mississippi St. Bulldogs
20 Ohio Bobcats Ohio Bobcats
21 Texas A&M Aggies Toledo Rockets
22 Michigan Wolverines Wisconsin Badgers
23 Boise St. Broncos Cincinnati Bearcats
24 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs Michigan Wolverines
25 West Virginia Mountaineers Northern Illinois Huskies

Well I was one of 16 voters to call Florida the number one team in the nation but overall Oregon and Bama love over rides the quiet rumblings of your Humble Buffalo blogger.

At the Top

Florida is now a solid number two and Alabama should be seen as vulnerable. I suspect Kansas State, Florida, and Oregon all have a chance to hold the number one spot if they win out, regardless of what Alabama does.

Notre Dame's Big Audition.

Notre Dame (#5 Blog Poll, #6 Bull Run) will take on Oklahoma (#8 Blog Poll, #9 Bull Run).

This is probably the Best chance the Irish will have to make their claim for one of those top two spots if they win out the season.

The Irish defense will give Notre Dame a chance but can that offense produce enough fire power for poll voters to use it as an exclamation point on their season.


I had Ohio, NIU, and Toledo ranked. The huddled masses of Bloggers have only Ohio.

Toledo is #28 in the poll and NIU is at Number 30..

Kent is checking in at 45 and even Ball State is getting a little love at #48 (One vote from the chaps over at One Bronco Nation Under God)

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