Game Week: Toledo

Campbell has done a great job for a freshman but we need BO! - Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

We've been mauled by Huskies (twice), Stalked by Panthers, Shocked by Flashes, and Bitten by Bobcats.. Now someone's aiming a Rocket at US?

UB is most certainly going to be behind the eight ball this week when Toledo rolls into town. The Rockets are fresh off of beating the Bearcats despite not scoring an offensive touchdown. The Bulls are regrouping after losing to Pitt while not scoring an offensive touchdown.

On the bright side it seems like Oliver may be back!

The teams:

Toledo runs a very strong balanced Offense and has typically been soft on defense. The are ranked 5th in the conference in both running and passing yards and third in both total yards and scoring.

Buffalo's offense is built around setting up the pass with a solid running game. Buffalo is sixth in running despite missing their number one and two backs. Their third back, Branden Murie, has also been hobbled by injury providing an opportunity to Devon Campbell who has put up two 100 yard games this season. The UB Passing game has been hurt by the absence of Branden Oliver and an Injury to Alex Neutz may further complicate things.

Defensively the Bulls play off of Khalil Mack who is second in the nation in tackles for loss. They have also been averaging more than two and a half sacks per game. Despite the numbers UB's Pass efficiency defense is 10th in the conference. Further complicating things is that UB's defense has been ineffective taking the ball away.

Toledo's defense is also suspect. 10th in the conference in yards given up (to be fair a very poor defensive showing against Arizona skews that number). They are better at stopping the Run than the pass and do a decent job generating turnovers.

National Conf Buffalo Category Toledo Conf National
39 6 193.43 Rushing Off 194.38 5 37
96 11 194.57 Passing Off 265.63 5 40
73 8 388 Total Off 460 3 28
104 12 20.43 Scoring Off 35.5 3 31
86 7 184.86 Rushing Def 178.13 6 83
99 10 143.64 Pass Eff. Def 133.1 7 72
54 4 380.29 Total Def 477.88 10 111
95 7 32.71 Scoring Def 27.5 6 70
116 11 31.7 Net Punting 39.03 4 36
114 12 2.22 Punt Returns 12.17 2 28
94 9 19.11 Kickoff Returns 25.1 2 21
116 12 -1.57 Turnover Margin 0.88 3 24
23 2 195.43 Pass Def 299.75 12 114
113 12 107.54 Passing Eff. 137.31 3 50
21 1 2.71 Sacks 2 5 T-53
58 5 5.71 Tackles For Loss 5.25 8 T-79
T-69 9 2 Sacks Allowed 1.88 8 65

The Players:

Buffalo has had to dig down to their forth Running back of the season in Deven Campbell. Campbell has been somewhat effective but for UB to really compete they need Branden Oliver to be healthy, word is he is just about there.

Toledo's main running threat is Western New York's own David Fluellen. Fluellen was on Coach Gills radar back in 2009 but selected Toledo after UB landed James Potts. Fluellen has moved on to have a very solid Career, and a border line spectacular year.

Buffalo Receiver Alex Neutz missed last weeks game, no word on where he is this week. In his absence some of the other receivers have grown (John Dunore had a good week). even with some growth by the supporting cast Buffalo still needs Neutz who is the main threat for the Bulls.

Toledo throws most often to Bernard Reedy. Reddy is pulling in more than seven reception per game and nearly 100 yards. Both land him as one of the top three receivers in the conference.

On defense it's going to be Khalil Mack's job to wreak some Havok. Mack is second nationally in tackles for loss and fourth in the conference in sacks. Toledo relies on Dan Molls who leads the MAC, and the nation in tackles.

National Conf Actual Buffalo Category Toledo Actual Conf National
98 12 62 Alex Zordich Rushing David Fluellen 119.12 3 16
14 49.71 Devin Campbell Cassius McDowell 36.5 17
100 11 108.76 Alex Zordich Passing Eff Terrance Owens 146.5 2 31
T-60 8 224.29 Alex Zordich Total Offense Terrance Owens 283.5 4 26
24 49.71 Devin Campbell David Fluellen 119.12 13
T-91 12 4.57 Alex Neutz Receptions PG Bernard Reedy 7.12 3 12
21 3.67 Devon Hughes Alonzo Russell 4.75 T-10 T-80
51 8 73.14 Alex Neutz Receiving yds PG Bernard Reedy 92.25 2 20
22 36.83 Devon Hughes Alonzo Russell 81.62 5 30
T-21 0.14 Marcus McGill Interceptions Jermaine Robinson 0.5 1 T-18
87 11 34.63 Tyler Grassman Punting Vince Penza 42 5 44
Punt Returns Bernard Reedy 13.53 2 19
Kickoff Returns Bernard Reedy 28.44 3 13
T-72 9 0.86 Patrick Clarke Field Goals Jeremiah Detmer 2.25 1 1
T-14 6 Alex Neutz Scoring Jeremiah Detmer 10.75 2 13
T-22 5 Patrick Clarke David Fluellen 6.75 T-10
25 73.14 Alex Neutz All-Purpose Runners Bernard Reedy 181.75 2 6
T-35 T-4 0.75 Khalil Mack Sacks Jayrone Elliott 0.56 T-7 T-73
T-60 6 0.57 Colby Way Ben Pike 0.31 T-22
T-57 11 8.67 Khalil Mack Tackles Dan Molls 12.75 1 1
T-25 6.71 Lee Skinner Robert Bell 7.88 17 97
T-2 1 2.08 Khalil Mack Tackles For Loss Jayrone Elliott 0.75 T-14
T-18 0.71 Colby Way Elijah Jones 0.69 T-20

The Series:

Buffalo owns the book ends of this eight game series but in between it's been pretty much All Toledo. UB won the first Matchup played in 1925 at Buffalo's Rotary Field by a thrilling score of 2-0. the Bulls also won the last contest in 2007 when UB, again at home, beat Toledo 43-33.

Date Result UB Toledo
10/3/1925 W 2 0
1926 L 6 33
10/27/1934 W 8 0
11/16/1935 L 6 19
9/19/1970 L 6 27
11/1/2003 L 29 56
10/22/2005 L 15 38
10/13/2007 W 43 33
Series Tol - 5-3 14 26
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