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One of the most successful Bull's to play in the NFL in the modern era is Trevor Scott.  Big Game James is getting the bulk of the attention deservedly so.  Although, Trevor had a great break out season and I love that his first sack was Brett Favre.   Not getting much information on Trevor is it being on the East Coast and Trevor playing on the West Coast.  We also do not get the chance to watch Trevor play.  It is that or the Raiders are one hot mess and I personally love them.   I reached out to two hard core Raiders fan to get their two cents on Trevor.  It was amazing to watch Trevor blossom from a TE under Coach Moose tutelage to a dominating pass rusher in the MAC.  People make fun of the Raiders for the crazy draft choices, recently Pryor as a QB, but they took a chance on Trevor as well. 

From James:

Before he got injured, Trevor Scott was one of the fan favorites to be sure. When he came in his rookie season, the Raiders were struggling to get a consistent pass rush. After putting up five sacks in limited time as a rookie, most of us thought he was going to be a huge part of the team going forward. The Raiders coaching staff thought so as well and with the drafting of Lamaar Houston even tried moving him to linebacker in order to get him more playing time. Unfortunately, he struggled to play well at linebacker and was moved back to DE.


Even more unfortunate for Scott, the injury that sidelined him last season gave Matt Shaughnessy the opportunity to get more playing time, and he impressed so much that Scott really doesn’t have a chance of breaking into a starting role at DE unless Shaughnessy or Houston really start to falter, which really does not look like its going to happen since most experts are saying those two could find themselves at the pro bowl in the next few years.  


If Scott wants to see more playing time, he is going to have to do a lot of work on his run defense. As it stands now, he is really only a situational pass rusher, but a good one at that. If he can show that he is able to play better rush defense he will increase his playing time, but it would take massive strides for him to break back into the starting lineup.


Regardless of his playing time, I imagine he will remain a fan favorite for the simple reason that he was a late round pick that came in and impressed as a rookie. Plus, anytime you have a guy who sacks the quarterback, fans are going to like him.


From Rich:


Here is a link to a story I wrote following Scott's first practice this year. Feel free to use any, all or none of it. There are some good quotes from Hue Jackson in there on Scott, comments from our members, and we are all impressed with his quick recovery. There is also a poll on there asking if Scott is the Raiders best WLB. Scott played there briefly at the end of 2009 and the start of 2010. He won in a landslide on that poll, but that is mostly a reflection of the Raiders horrible group of weakside LBs.

Scott is in amazing shape right now. He clearly busted tail to come back from his injury, and Raiders fans really appreciate him for it. In general, Raider Nation likes Scott. He always plays hard and with attitude. We realize he is a bit limited as he is weak against the run as an end and horrible in coverage as an LB. However, he is a very solid pass rushing end. And while he was healthy in 2010, he and Kamerion Wimbley were a fearsome DE combo on passing downs.

Before Scott returned from injury, very little was expected of him for this season. ACL tears are hard to come back from, and most of us doubted he would be able to make much of an impact in 2011. As a pass rusher, he largely relied on explosion. It just didn't seem feasible that he'd have the same explosion this season.

He has definitely raised the expectation bar since returning. He looks explosive, and stronger and bigger. The problem here is, the Raiders defensive line is absolutely loaded. He is going to have a hard time cracking the rotation. As the season goes on, I expect he will get some snaps in passing situations, but even this could be limited as Wimbley will be in as a DE in almost all pass rushing situations, and it is getting hard to justify ever taking Matt Shaughnessy off of the field.

He also hasn't gotten any reps at LB since returning, and it seems like he will be a D-lineman only this season. Which, despite our poll, is certainly understandable given his knee and added bulk. If there is an injury to Lamarr Houston or Shaughnessy, Scott will very likely find himself in the starting lineup, and the Raiders wouldn't face much of a drop off.

He is a valued member of this team. He works hard, never complains, and busted his butt to make the switch to LB, and never once sulked when he was abruptly asked to move back to DE last year. He has been a consummate pro. Both the coaches and fans appreciate him, and this is a very easy guy to root for.


Have a great season Trevor.

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