Everything you wanted to know about the CIT but were afraid to ask.

In the past the CIT has been a sixteen team reseeding tournament. This year the field has been expended to 24 teams. Typically when you have an off number of teams in a tournament you give a by round right off the bat. The CIT is doing things a bit differently.

The top four seeded teams of the first round will sit out the second round while the rest of the filed will be rearranged and re-seeded. In years past the CIT has tried to pair up schools that are geographically close to help out attendance and keep travel cost down.

UB won't be one of the teams who gets a free pass to round three. RPI and SOS are both figured into the seeding and UB is in the bottom third in both categories. So if the Bulls win they will likely face a north east or Midwest team. Marshall, Iona, Valpo, and ECU are likely going to be the teams who get the bye.

CBI Teams.

Marshall 55 71   Idaho 137 174
Iona 70 125   Quinnipiac 144 292
Valparaiso 71 117   N. Arizona 152 283
East Carolina 91 41   Santa Clara 158 167
East Tennessee 93 175   Hawaii 159 192
Portland 103 154   Ohio 165 162
Rider 105 200   Buffalo 167 229
Air Force 108 64   WMU 173 280
Northern Iowa 112 124   Tenn Tech 189 277
Furman 116 233   SMU 206 191
San Francisco 120 95   N. Dakota 275 342
Oral Roberts 129 168   Jacksonville 331 305


Here is the The First Round:

Round One Games:

Buffalo (18-13) @ Quinnipiac (22-9) 7:00 pm

Ohio (18-15) @ Marshall (22-11) 7:00 pm
Furman (22-10) @ East Tennessee State (22-11) 7:00 pm
Jacksonville (19-11) @ East Carolina (18-15) 8:00 pm
Rider (23-10) @ Northern Iowa (19-13) 8:00 pm
North Dakota (19-14) @ Air Force (15-15) 9:00 pm
Northern Arizona (19-12) @ Santa Clara (19-14) 10:00 pm
Portland (20-11) @ Hawaii (18-12) 12:00 am (midnight)

Tennessee Tech (20-12) @ Western Michigan (20-12) 7:00 pm
Iona (22-11) @ Valparaiso (23-11) 8:00 pm
Oral Roberts (19-15) @ SMU (17-14) 8:00 pm
Idaho (18-13) @ San Francisco (17-14) 10:00 pm


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