3-28, and preparing for Georgia.

Today I reflected on the UB football games I've seen live. Looking back at schedules, I can remember details about each game. Sadly for the glory years, I was on the West Coast forcing me to watch online and on ESPN 2 on random Tuesday afternoons, but my love for the team was forged from watching live in Buffalo.

My first game was September 13th, vs D-1aa Colgate. As a freshman, the buzz was Shaggy performing at halftime. I remember being appalled that we paid him 25, or 50k for a 10 minute show. I was equally appalled that the D-1aa school ran over and embarrassed the Bulls.

This year, I was at Neyland Stadium for my 31st live Bulls game.

1 9/13/03 Colgate LOST 15-38
2 10/18/03 Marshall LOST 16-26
3 9/11/04 SYRACUSE LOST 17-37
4 9/25/04 at Ohio LOST 0-34
5 10/9/04 at Akron LOST 21-44
6 10/16/04 MIAMI OH LOST 7-25
7 11/6/04 KENT STATE LOST 7-33
8 11/13/04 CENTRAL MICHIGAN WON 36-6
9 9/1/05 at Connecticut (Thur.) LOST 0-38
10 9/10/05 at Syracuse LOST 0-31
11 9/17/05 RUTGERS LOST 3-17
12 10/8/05 AKRON LOST 7-13
13 10/15/05 BOWLING GREEN LOST 7-27
14 10/22/05 at Toledo LOST 15-38
15 10/29/05 OHIO LOST 20-34
16 11/19/05 EASTERN MICHIGAN LOST 14-38
17 8/31/06 TEMPLE (Thur.) WON 9-3 (OT)
18 9/16/06 at Northern Illinois LOST 13-31
19 9/23/06 at Auburn LOST 7-38
20 10/7/06 BALL STATE LOST 25-55
21 10/15/06 MIAMI OH (Sun.) LOST 31-38
22 10/21/06 at Ohio LOST 7-42
23 10/28/06 at Boston College LOST 0-41
24 11/4/06 KENT STATE WON 41-14
25 11/9/06 at Akron (Thur.) LOST 16-31
26 11/24/06 CENTRAL MICHIGAN (Fri.) LOST 28-55
27 9/22/07 BAYLOR LOST 21-34
28 9/6/08 at Pittsburgh LOST 16-27
29 9/26/09 at Temple LOST 13-37
30 10/23/10 TEMPLE LOST 0-42
31 10/1/11 at Tennessee LOST 10-41
    After leaving Buffalo, I’ve returned to see marquee games and epic venues, which means I’ve seen many lopsided games in terms of talent and final score.
    Overall my personal UB record, for games I have attended stands at 3-28.
    UB was outscored in those games by an average score of 33-14.
    Next year, I hope to see the Bulls bump my record to 4-28, between the hedges in Athens, Georgia.
    What is your personal UB W/L record?

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