Talking Bull: AQ Schools and their tasty tears of Irony!

So just one more time, This is not about me hating Pitt. The Panthers serve as a place holder for any AQ School

Todd Graham has spoken.... Pitt was a mistake

Todd Graham Speaks, Calls Taking The Pitt Job A Mistake - From Our Editors -
Finally, here's Todd Graham on looking out for himself and doing what's best for his family

Now the good folks at Cardiac Hill have been having, well a coronary over the whole deal.

Todd Graham Getting Called Out In Arizona - Cardiac Hill
Graham clearly deserves what he's getting and the folks out west will no doubt be watching his every move. There is, of course, one thing that could save the hire - and that's, as one of the anchors on the clip mentions, if he wins. And as much as we rip him (and, personally, as much as I don't think it will happen), Graham could go there and win.

So we have, once again, Pitt fans who plucked a second year coach from Miami upset that they are losing a first year coach the following season?

Personally I think Miami fans might have engineered this whole thing in an attempt to get even with the Panthers for taking away their coach. Right now somewhere a RedHawk fan is tasting the tears of someone from Pitt. Take this as a warning AQ schools, don't piss Miami off!

Of course its not all bad news, Pitt does have a new coach

Paul Chryst To Be Pitt's Next Coach, According To Pretty Much Everybody -
It's been reported by Pittsburgh media that Wisconsin Badgers offensive coordinator Paul Chryst will likely become the next Pittsburgh Panthers head coach. And by this point, multiple national outlets and Milwaukee media alike have reported the deal is done and Chryst will be announced soon.

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