MAC Power Rankings: Where Dreams go to die


Quick list of what dreams died and when this week:

Ball State:

The Dream: To be in the hunt for the MAC West

The Death: When the Refs 'Templed' you

Next Dream: Beat Toledo and maybe go Bowling

Bowling Green:

The Dream: To finish 500 this season

The Death: Worst kind, last second field goal

Next Dream: Don't lose to, and thus finish behind, Buffalo in the MAC East

Eastern Michigan:

The Dream: To go Bowling

The Death: Late interception against Kent or scheduling two FCS schools, take your pick

Next Dream: Get Bowl eligible, not that it matter with your resume


The Dream: Don't go winless in MAC play, Don't go winless against FBS teams

The Death: Having to play Buffalo, in Buffalo this season.

Next Dream: Get five or more quality transfers form Notre Dame

# Team Change Comment
1 NIU - Huge scare from Ball State but they survived and are one win away from a trip to Detroit
2 Toledo - Did what you expected them to do, except this week their defense showed up, sort o.f
3 Ohio - OU sneaks by Bowling Green with a late field goal. Their problems scoring touchdowns nearly cost them
4 Temple - They wasted a lot of seniors this year but with Seven wins, on track for eight they should end up Bowling.
5 Ball State - So close to an upset at could have put them in the mix for the West. Bowling may not happen but a hell of a first season for Lembo
6 WMU 1 With Akron on deck a failure to get to seven wins should mean WMU does not deserve to bowl.
7 EMU -1 Speaking of close but no cigar. EMU was a finger tip away from coming up big against Kent.
8 Miami - Painful loss and a real letdown of a season. Those monster out of conference schedules keep them below 500
9 Kent 1 Kent dashed the Eagles hope of a Bowl Game. You know, unless NIU chokes next week
10 BGSU -1 So they will not finish with a winning record, can they at least beat up on Buffalo next week?
11 Buffalo 1 Buffalo is +51 in points at home and -127 on the road. Could be a better team than their record
12 CMU -1 Coach Enos will be starting out next year with a nice toasty seat after finishing 3-9 this year
13 Akron - Well somebody had to make Buffalo look good. Coach Ianello better hope those 5 transfer rumors are true.
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