Depth Chartin' Chazz is still the man

Those of you hoping to see this guy get some work are going to be disappointed

No real surprises on this weeks depth chart. There is a growing rumble from some fans for Zordich. It would be nice for the Sophomore, who has already burned his red shirt this season,  to get some work but as expected once again It's Chazz Anderson.

I get the logic behind putting keeping your best Quarterback on the field. 4-8 looks a whole lot better than 2-10. It still seems to be robbing Peter to pay Paul though. This spring will the the third in a row with no set Quarterback (fourth if you count Turner Gills last season after Willy left).

That's not good no matter what spin is applied.

If you're in a position where you're literally in a coin toss situation for the starting quarterback in march then you either have the best quarterbacks in your conference, the worst quarterbacks in your conference, or two complete unknowns.

It will be the third camp under coach Quinn for Zordich and Davis and the first spring for Joe Licata and Tony Daniel. So obvious this is not an instance of not knowing the guys fighting for the job.

Yes there will be times when someone comes out of nowhere to take the job but, by in large, a healthy program has a leader under center. Anderson has done a decent(ish) job of that this year but unless Licata is something else next year is smelling like 2010. Maybe Zordich is already ok to go and Quinn knows it but could a couple of games, or even half games, really hurt?

vs Akron 1 2 3
WR Fred Lee Saron Hood  
LT Matt Ostrowski Gabriel Barbe  
LG Jansen Carlson Dillon Guy  
C Graham Whinery Jansen Carlson  
RG Andre Davis Anthony Bartholomew  
RT Gokhan Ozkan Jake Silas  
TE Aaron Connacher Jimmy Gordon Alex Dennison
QB Chazz Anderson Alex Zordich Jerry Davis
RB Branden Oliver Anthone Taylor Jeffvon Gill
FB Rshas Jean Corey Knox  
WR Ed Young Devon Hughes  
WR Marcus Rivers Saron Hood  
DE Steven Means Kristjan Sokoli  
NG Richie Smith Wyatt Cahill  
DE Colby Way Gordon DuBois  
OLB Khalil Mack Willie Mosely  
ILB Fred Branch Scott Pettigrew  
ILB Lee Skinner Khari Brown  
OLB Jaleel Verser Dalonte Wallace  
CB Najja Johnson Carlos Lammons  
SS Isaac Baugh Whitney Sherry  
FS Josh Copeland -Or- Okoye Houston  
CB Cortney Lester Joe Petit
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