Rushing into the Record Books


Back in February the name Branden Oliver was the first thing Buffalo fans thought of when the topic of this years running game came up. Most believed he was destined to be second, maybe third among UB's incoming backs. But the short, shify, and stocky Oliver outworked his competition to emerge as the teams first feature back since the days of James Starks.

While he came out last season as the starter problems on the line, and with ball handling, led to a committee backfield. In the end he put up an underwhelming 298 yards on the year. He spent the off season working on getting a bit faster and his work, plus a somewhat improved offensive lines has paid dividends.

So far Oliver has faced some of the better groud defenses that he will see this season. There are two more big challenges ahead over the next two weeks.

# Opponent Oliver Average Rank
1 Pitt 118 124 44
2 Stony Brook 134 79 4*
3 Ball State 122 207 110
4 Uconn 84 75 8
5 Tennessee 61 140 56
6 Ohio   105 30
7 Temple   92 21
8 Northern Illinois   259 119
9 Miami   168 80
10 EMU   140 57
11 Akron   204 106
12 Bowling Green   148 62
  YTD 103.80 125.00 55
  Upcoming   159.43 68


Temple and Ohio are among the favorites to take the East division and are doing it, so far, by shutting down their opponents on the ground. Aside from UConn they bring the best rushing defense that the Bulls will face this season.

While Ohio may have fed off a soft schedule the Owls pulled their weight against Toledo, Penn State, and Maryland all pretty respectable teams.

Oliver has already reached the top ten in career one hundred yard games. The three he notched to start off the season ties him for 10th along with six other Bulls. It's also tied him for ninth for single season one hundred yard games.

It's hard to imagine he can keep up the pace set during the first three weeks but if he does the sophomore will already be among some of the more distinguished backs in Buffalo football history.

All the numbers where he is on pace to reach, or come close to the top ten are after the Jump


Career Attempts Total Pace
1. Anthony Swan : 1994-97 812  
2. James Starks : 2006-08 698  
3. Alan Bell : 1989-92 682  
4. Cliff Scott : 1991-94 515  
5. O.D. Underwood : 1986-87 438  
10. Josh Roth : 1996-99 330  
NR. Oliver 220 456 (5)
Career Yards Total Pace
1. James Starks : 2006-08 3140  
2. Anthony Swan : 1994-97 3103  
3. Alan Bell : 1989-92 3022  
4. O.D. Underwood : 1986-87 2062  
5. Lee Jones : 1965-67 1570  
10. Dave Dawson : 2002-05 1402  
NR. Oliver 836 1836 (5)
Single Season TD's Total Pace
1. Lee Jones 1966 16  
James Starks 2008 16  
3. O.D. Underwood 1986 15  
10. Four Tied At 9  
NR: Oliver 5 15 (3)
Single Season Attempts Total Pace
1. James Starks 2008 272  
2. James Starks 2007 251  
10. Alan Bell 1992 205  
NR: Branden Oliver 118 354 (1)
Single Season Yards Total Pace
1. James Starks 2008 1333  
2. O.D. Underwood 1986 1189  
10. Alan Bell 1992 859  
NR: Brandon Oliver 500 1500 (1)

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