Sacking the record books

Career TFL    Projected
1. Vince Canosa 1992-95 50.5  
2. Rich Dadabo 1989-92 42  
3. Keith Hansen 1994-97 41  
4. Craig Guest 1993-96 40  
5. John White 1979-81 34  
Hardy Mitchell 1994-97 34  
7. Dave May 1983-86 33.5  
8. Chris Shelly 1998-2001 31  
9. Rob Schroeder 2002-05 29.5  
10. Trevor Scott 2004-07 28.5  
10. Khalil Mack 28.5 39
Career Sacks    
1. Rich Dadabo 1989-92 24  
Vince Canosa 1992-95 24  
3. Trevor Scott 2004-07 19  
4. Dave May 1983-86 18  
Keith Hansen 91994-97 16  
6. Hardy Mitchell 1994-97 15.5  
7. Dan Leo 1986-88 14.5  
8. Aaron Sanders 2002-05 14  
9. Dan Poulsen 1995-98 12.5  
10. Steven Means 12 14
Khalil Mack 8 11
Careeer Force Fumbles    
1. Keith Hansen 1994-97 7  
2. Rich Dadabo 1989-92 6  
Pete Conley 1992-95 6  
Anthony Scott 1993-96 6  
Chris Shelly 1998-2001 6  
Khalil Mack 6 9
6. Davonte Shannon 2007-10 5  
Domonic Cook 2007-10 5  
Justin Winters 2007-10 5  
Kareem Byrom 2005-07 5  
Vince Canosa 1992-95 5  
Craig Guest 1993-96 5  
Bryan Cummings 2002-05 5  
Tackles For Loss 1977-present    
1. Vince Canosa 1994 21.5  
2. Tim Teicher 1987 19.5  
3. Larry Hutchinson 2007 19  
Keith Hansen 1996 19  
Rich Dadabo 1990 19  
6. John White 1982 16  
7. Trevor Scott 2007 15  
Craig Guest 1995 15  
Duane Williams 2000 15  
10. Khalil Mack 2010 14.5  25
Single Season Forced Fumbles    
1. Anthony Scott 1996 6  
2. Rich Dadabo 1991 4  
Pete Conley 1995 4  
Craig Guest 1996 4  
Keith Hansen 1996 4  
Kareem Byrom 2006 4  
Justin Winters 2008 4  
Khalil Mack 2011 4 7
9. Nine players tied with 3  

Khalil Mack was one of the bright shining moments of 2010. When the season was over, and Buffalo fans had to take a long, hard, look at their two win football team there were few things that stood out as forced for positive change. Mack's play was one of those few glimpses of a bright future.

Mack, a product of Florida, used a red shirt during the 2009 season. Once turned loose by Coach William Inge he became an instant star, raising eyebrows and earning honors, including all MAC in 2010 and national award list mentions this past summer.

He tallied team-high 14.5 tackles for losses, just 4.5 shy of the school record.

This season he has been equally impressive. Mack's 1.75 sacks per game is fifth nationally and first in the Mid American Conference. His 3.5 sacks is first on the team and ninth in the conference.

As he continues to pile up stats Mack will see his name appear more and more in UB's Record Books.

Tackles for Loss:

Mack as already made it into the record Books with career marks in Tackles for loss (tied for 10th with Trevor Scott).He is on [ace to be in the top five by seasons end.

His single season mark stands at tenth and he is on a pace to smash Vince Canosa mark from 1994.


Mack is competing with his teammate, Steven Means, for a spot in the top ten. Means, a Junior, is ranked tenth all time.

Still, Mack is one or two games away from passing either Means or Dan Poulsen to crack the top ten.

Forced Fumbles:

In his short Career Mack is already second in career forced fumbles and this season he has hit the mark for second.

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