Buffalo vs NIU: By the Numbers

NIU leads the statistical categories eleven to six, and they have done it against better competition than UB has faced.

The Huskies stated the season as a team favored to win the MAC, as a program they were flirting with the top 25. Then the Huskies did something unexpected. They fell flat on their face. First dropping a game to Kansas, then getting completely flattened by Wisconsin. The real Coup de grâce seemed to be a conference loss to Central Michigan.

Northern Illinois bounced back, and the bounced back with a vengeance. First the destroyed Kent but then, more impressively, they discarded Western Michigan. All that stands between them and Toledo is a trip to Amherst.

Chandler Harnish is their offense. He is the third leading rusher in the conference and he is second in passing efficiency. As you might be able to guess those two things make him the leading offensive threat in the Mid American Conference (Harnish checks in at 10th nationally).

Statistically the Bulls have a slightly better defense than Northern Illinois but the majority of damage to NIU's numbers came at the hands of fifth ranked Wisconsin. Where as UB's toughest tests were Temple and Tennessee.



Category Actual Conf National Actual Conf National
Rushing Offense 140.14 8 69 253.71 2 9
Passing Offense 195 9 93 229 7 62
Total Offense 335.14 9 95 482.71 1 17
Scoring Offense 18.14 10 108 39.57 1 15
Rushing Defense 214.57 11 107 198.14 9 101
Pass Efficiency Defense 140.07 10 94 142.52 11 100
Total Defense 406 9 80 412.43 11 89
Scoring Defense 28.43 8 76 32.86 11 101
Net Punting 34.89 9 98 35 8 95
Punt Returns 7.07 9 73 9 7 48
Kickoff Returns 19 11 108 17.68 13 113
Turnover Margin 0.29 3 T-51 -0.14 5 T-64
Pass Defense 191.43 5 25 214.29 9 51
Passing Efficiency 109.91 10 105 147.4 3 34
Sacks 1.86 5 T-61 2.57 2 24
Tackles For Loss 5.71 7 T-63 7.14 2 32
Sacks Allowed 2 7 T-59 0.71 1 12
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