Thank you Terrell for something special!

Jackson has been a force on special teams since 2007 via

At yesterdays press conference coach Quinn gave good and bad news about UB wide receiver Terrell Jackson. The Great news is that despite being immobilized and taken from the field on a body board during the Temple game Jackson will make a full recovery.

He was cleared to return home with the team that evening and examinations have revealed no serious consequences although he remains fitted with a halo.

The bad news is that the Temple game is likely the last time UB fans see him in uniform.

"It was a scary moment for the young man. He lost feeling in his body for a bit. We fully expect him to make a full recovery but to get him back before the season's over we're not quite certain just yet. And it's more or less doubtful that it's going to happen." -- UB Coach Jeff Quinn

Jackson was part of Turner Gills first full recruiting class at Buffalo, committing in 2006 and making an immediate impact in 2007. As a freshman he handled 17 kick returns for 305 yards, this was the start of his record breaking career.

Category Standings Total
Kickoff Returns First 86
Kickoff Return Yardage Fisrt 1620
Punt Return Average Second 11.12
Punt Return Yardage Sixth 278

Last season Jackson was named All-MAC First Team for his efforts as a punt returner. His 647 return yards along with 397 yards receiving put him over the century mark in yards from scrimmage.

His Mid American Conference leading punt return average of 15.5, put him on Phil Steele’s All-MAC First Team. During last seasons drubbing at the hands of Temple his season-long 58-yard return was one of the few highlights. Against Bowling Green, UB's only FBS win in 2010,he caught a career-high seven passes for 90 yards and a touchdown.

Jackson is a fixture in nearly every UB record for returns. More than that he has been a leader on this team, and someone who you want to carry the banner for the program. Even though his role as a leader will continue it will be a bit weird to see someone else returning punts and kickoffs.

Right now Ed Young has been elevated into Jackson's starting spot at slot receiver. Young, Jeffvon Gill, Cortney Lester, Brandon Murie and Devon Hughes have all become options in the return game.

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