This Weeks Depth Chart

Unit 1 2 3
WR Neutz Hughes Dixon
LT Ostrowski Barbe  
LG Guy Bartholomew  
C Whinery Carlson  
RG Davis Violanti  
RT Ozkan Silas  
TE Connacher Gordon Dennison
QB Anderson Zordich Davis
RB Oliver Gill Taylor
WR Jackson Young Hood
WR Rivers Lee  
DE Means Sokoli  
NG Smith Cahill  
DE DuBois Way  
OLB Mack Robinson  
ILB Branch Pettigrew  
ILB Skinner Richardson Brown
OLB Verser Wallace  
CB Johnson Lammons  
SS Baugh Houston  
FS Copeland Sherry  
CB Lester Petit Baker

Where have all the 'ORs' gone?

One of the little idiosyncrasies that Buffalo fans learned to live with last season was coach Quinn's propensity for putting -or- on the depth chart.

I have not been watching the UB depth charts as closely this year as I did last season, largely because they became useless last year, so imagine my surprise when I opened this weeks game notes and found no -or-'s among the offensive and defensive units.

Clearly Coach Quinn is getting a better feel for his team this season than he did last. The breakout of Branden Oliver makes things easier, as does a moderately successful Quarterback.

There are still a few OR's on special teams but given the similar performance between Fardon and Schum, and the dual roles carried by Fardon, that's to be expected.

It's nice to have a second string!

Look at the offensive line and soak it in..

Not one starter is backing up a position and not one backup is assigned to more than one position.

This, to me, is more important than the huge weight gain by UB's line over the off season.

Last year you were throwing in anyone over 270 to any given position on the line as needed.

You were asking guys to know the blocking schemes fore two, or three positions on the line.  This year each Starter, and backup gets to live and breath their own individual assignments.

If you wonder why we can run the ball this season, well this is the reason.

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