Kent State Preview

Kent got through non conference play as well as any team minus a key bench player. Kent went from a lite favorite to anyone's guess when guard Carlton Guyton was suspended indefinitely from the basketball team after being charged with stealing a woman's car

But the shot to depth was absorbed by Justin Greene and Rodriquez Sherman. Still In his first game back Saturday after the five-game suspension Guyton helped power the Flashes to a 69-66 victory over host Ohio. In 28 minutes, Guyton had nine points, three rebounds and three assists.

''There's no doubt he makes us better. 'He's one of our primary ballhandlers who makes plays not only for himself, but for others as well. He gave us a huge lift when we needed it Saturday.'' -- Geno Ford

Kent sits atop the East with Bowling Green and Miami. The Flashes have the only genuinely respectable out of Conference Record in the MAC. Where the flashes have really struggled is on the road. They were 0-4 in true road games during non conference play and sit at 1-5 on the year.

Buffalo Kent     Buffalo Kent     Buffalo Kent
RPI Rank 174 75   FG Made PG 26.7 24.4   RPG 36.2 37.8
SOS Rank 254 77   FG Att PG 55.6 56.8   Off Rebs PG 11.4 13.9
Overall 9-6 11-6   FG Pct 48 42.9   Off Reb Pct 34.3 38.4
Home 6-2 7-1   FT Made PG 14 15.1   Def Rebs PG 24.8 23.9
Away 3-4 1-5   FT Att PG 21.6 22.1   Def Reb Pct 67.1 64.5
Neutral 0-0 3-0   FT Pct 64.8 68.3   Assists PG 14.9 13.8
Conference 1-2 2-1   3FG Made PG 6.2 5.1   Assist Pct 55.7 56.5
Top 25 0-1 0-0   3FG Att PG 16.5 16.1   A/T Ratio 0.9 1
Blowout (- 19) 2-0 2-0   3pt FG Pct 37.7 31.9   Steals PG 8.9 7.6
Close (- 6) 2-4 6-2   Effective FG Pct 53.5 47.4   Steal Pct 12.6 11.4
Overtime 0-1 1-0   True Shooting Pct 55.8 51.2   Blocks PG 5.4 3.6
Pts PG 73.5 68.9   Free Throw Rate 38.8 38.9   Block Pct 9.6 6.3
Poss PG 70.5 67.2   2pt FG pt Pct 55.7 55.8   TOPG 16.6 13.8
Pts Per Poss 1.04 1.03   3pt FG pt Pct 25.3 22.3   Turnover Pct 23.5 20.6
Floor Pct 52.7 54.2   FT pt Pct 19 21.9   Fouls PG 19 17.2


Buffalo finally got their first conference win after two very painful three point losses to Miami and Bowling Green. In both Games Buffalo either had the lead or the chance to take it in the waning minutes of the second half (or in overtime).

Byron Mulkey, who carried the Bulls in OOC play has been bothered by a bad knee. The injury made him non existent in the first two games but he broke out against Akron over the weekend to help the Bulls knock off the Zips. Zach Filzen has also struggled so far in conference. He came in as one of the better three point shooters in the conference but has been terribly inconsistent this January.

The X factor is going to be Javon McCrea who nearly carried the Bulls past Miami all by himself and has been opening eyes all season.

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