Buffalo Miami Preview

Credit and Thanks to Dave from MyBuffalo.Com

UB needs to shake off a lackluster performance against Bowling Green before they start to dig themselves a hole. Unfortunately they have to do it on the road, against the Miami RedHawks. Miami knocked UB out of the MAC tournament last season and have only lost at home to the Bulls twice in the past decade.


Buffalo Miami     Buffalo Miami     Buffalo Miami
RPI Rank 188 78   FG Made PG 26.8 21   RPG 37.2 31.4
SOS Rank 283 5   FG Att PG 56.1 50.5   Off Rebs PG 11.5 8.7
Prog SOS Rank 231 103   FG Pct 47.9 41.6   Off Reb Pct 34.1 26.8
Overall 8-5 6-9   FT Made PG 14.2 13.3   Def Rebs PG 25.8 22.7
Home 5-2 5-3   FT Att PG 21.7 18.3   Def Reb Pct 67 66
Away 3-3 1-6   FT Pct 65.2 72.6   Assists PG 15.1 10.4
Conference 0-1 1-0   3FG Made PG 6.2 7.3   Assist Pct 56.2 49.5
Top 25 0-1 0-4   3FG Att PG 17 21.8   A/T Ratio 0.92 0.7
Blowout (+ 19) 2-0 0-4   3pt FG Pct 36.7 33.3   Steals PG 8.7 5.3
Close (- 6) 1-3 3-1   Effective FG Pct 53.4 48.8   Steal Pct 12.3 8.2
Overtime 0-1 1-0   True Sht Pct 55.8 52.9   Blocks PG 5.8 2.5
Pts PG 74.1 62.5   Free Throw Rate 38.7 36.2   Block Pct 10 4.4
Poss PG 70.7 64.9   2pt FG pt Pct 55.7 43.9   TOPG 16.3 14.9
Pts Per Poss 1.05 0.96   3pt FG pt Pct 25.2 34.9   Turnover Pct 23.1 22.9
Floor Pct 52.9 45.5   FT pt Pct 19.1 21.2   Fouls PG 19.2 17.9




Last Game:

Buffalo got off of their usual script last week by shooting an awful 39% from the field. That, and twenty personal fouls were too much to overcome. UB had to scratch their way into OT and then into the second overtime before their luck ran out.

Miami is coming off an even more exciting three overtime game against the Bobcats. Antonio Ballard scored 26 points,  12 rebounds, and played all 55 minutes. Miami, despite playing for 55 minutes only fould out one player (Nik Washburn).

Who to look out for:

While Antonio Ballard is not the Hawks leading scorer he is their best shooter and plays a monster number of minutes.



He and Julian Mavunga combine for nearly 40% of all Miami scoring.

Keys to the Game:

If Zach Filzen and Byron Mulkey come out lukewarm again this could be a long game. Perhaps getting more minutes to Javon McCrea could take some of the pressure off of Mulkey who, outside of the Bowling Green game has done his part in carrying his team but McCrea needs to be a spark off the bench whenever UB gets on the wrong side of a run.

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